The Amazing Race Canada Season 9 Episode 10: Recap & Streaming Guide

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the amazing race canada
The Amazing Race Canada Season 9: Release Date & Streaming Guide [Credits: CTV]

Who doesn’t like to race for the adrenaline rush and for the little extra cash? If you know what I mean, every reality car racing series has a speculated prize money of $250,000- $350,000.

Created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, a brilliant car racing reality series titled The Amazing Race Canada, with ten teams of two racing around the world, was released by CTV Network for viewers to enjoy.

Presented by Jon Montgomery, the series is well-loved by the audience as it got renewed for nine seasons. Produced by John Brunton and Barbara Bowlby, the series had ninety-nine episodes with a run-time of 60 minutes.

Released on July 15, 2013, the reality series follows the format where ten teams of two travel and compete in various tasks to obtain new clues to help them progress and reach a Pit Stop, where they get the chance to rest for their next leg happening twelve hours later.

Kay And Ty Gear Up For The Race [Credits: CTV]
Well, the race has pros and cons, so the team that arrives first at the pit stop gets a prize, while the team that arrives last gets eliminated from the race. The team arriving first at the final destination after crossing several legs wins the grand prize of two vehicles by Chevrolet, $250,000, and other sponsored gifts.

The formed teams in the race have relationships. The teams get six clues, including Route Info, Roadblock, Detour, 150 Challenge, and Fast Forward. The teams get certain obstacles, including a U-Turn, Face-Off, Pass, and One Way.

One of the reasons for the reality series The Amazing Race Canada is the brilliant twists it offers the viewers. The ninth season of the reality series introduced a new twist for the viewers, which was the choice of Assist, which allowed the teams to perform a part of the select tasks.

The ninth season of the series stars Gail Kim and Gisele Shaw, friends Allie Seller and Eddie Parnias, Shayla Stonechild and Joel Oulette, Gracie Lowes and Lily Bateman, Derek and Jaspal, Jermaine and Justin, friends Ben and Anwar, friends, Deven and Amanda, Ty and Kat, and Tyler and Kayleen.

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The Amazing Race Canada Season 9 Episode 9 Recap

In the previous episode titled “Light The Candle,” the teams were instructed to travel to Toronto at the start of the leg. The teams had to fly to Montreal first, and then they had to find a marked Via Rail counter present at the Montreal Central Station to get train tickets to Union Station.

The teams will then travel to the Toronto Stock Exchange and wait to ring the opening bell to receive their next clue from Jon. The episode starts with the remaining four teams starting the race, with Jon narrating the next steps of the race.

Ty and Kat got the chance to depart first as they won the last leg to find the double pass along the way to Montreal in the Saguenay Region, Quebec. Jon informs the audience that two teams will be allowed to change the course of the race. Tyler and Kayleen depart second, with Ben and Anwar following behind with a minor time difference.

the amazing race canada
Still From The Amazing Race Canada [Credits: CTV]
Tyler and Kayleen partner with Anwar and Ben to defeat Kat and Tyler due to their feeling that they would have a better chance at winning if the better couple is out of the race. The last to depart for the race are Deven and Amanda, with Jermaine and Justin. Ty and Kat have a difficult time navigating due to neither of them being fluent in French.

The entire team travels by the same train to Montreal. Everyone except Justin and Jermaine conspire together to get Kat and Ty out of the game. The teams find their next clue hidden in the compartment of car seats that they have to take to Rio Tinto to fine-read under a power microscope.

The teams will receive their next clue after they glue together words. Tyler and Kayleen arrive first at Rio Tinto, followed by Deven and Amanda. The teams work under pressure to figure out the clue. Ben and Anwar are the last to arrive at the Rio Tinto research center.

The teams then have to reach the University of Quebec and find the Pavillon Parc Technologique, where they will further need to find the snow chamber and recreate an image on a snow frame. The winning teams will get their next clue from the professor at the university.

After receiving their next hint, the teams have to reach Saguenay Paintball Karting with one of the team members suiting up and getting behind the wheel of a go-karting car, while the other team member will coach the other team player using a Samsung smartwatch on the 1 Km track.

They will get the next clue after completing their go-karting race for a minute. Throughout the race, it is evident that the remaining team members are jealous of Ty and Kat due to them being a great team. Justin and his team partner get the first double pass, and beating all odds, Ty and Kat get to the first position.

The team members will get their next clue after they pass through the obstruction path with a perfect pie. The teams will then drive to Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux, where the team members will hook themselves on safety gear for a climb and remember two alphanumeric keys they will use to crack the code.

The teams will get their next clue after they have converted the numbers into alphabets. After several more clues and stops, the teams continue to work their way to reach the destination first. The race ends with Tyler and Kathleen coming first, followed by Ty and Kat. Jermaine and Justin get eliminated from the race after arriving last to the final destination.

The Amazing Race Canada Episode 10 Preview

The upcoming episode titled “Do You Want Some Candies” will witness the team members continuing on the race to emerge in the top three so that they can participate in the final race and become eligible to win $250,000. The race will continue in Toronto, with the remaining team members fighting for the final spot in the race.

The Amazing Race Canada Episode 10 Release Date

The Amazing Race Canada Episode 10, titled “Do You Want Some Candies,” will be aired on September 12, 2023, at 10:00 P.M. [E.T.]. The episode will run for 60 minutes, and there are 11 episodes in total. The episodes get released on a weekly schedule, with new episodes released every Tuesday.

  • In India – at 07:30 AM [I.S.T.] on 13 September 2023
  • In the U.S. – at 10:00 PM [E.T.] on 12 September 2023
  • In U.K. – at 02:00 AM [G.M.T.] on 13 September 2023
  • In Japan – at 11:00 AM [J.S.T.] on 13 September 2023
  • In Korea – at 11:00 AM [K.S.T.] on 13 September 2023
  • In Australia – 12:00 PM [A.C.D.T.] on 13 September 2023

The Amazing Race Canada Episode 10: Streaming Guide

Citizens can access the episodes on the CTV channel and app, so if you have a friend living in Canada, ask them to lend you the credentials of CTV. Citizens from outside of Canada can watch the episodes on CTV’s official channel or by using a VPN.

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