Who Is Mallory Edens Dating? The Model’s Love Life

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Mallory Edens Dating
Who is Mallory Edens Dating? (Credits: People)

Want to know who is Mallory Edens dating? Popular model and activist Mallory Edens has been working in the modeling industry for a while now and is actively involved in the field of sports as well.

She pointed out how people have an easier time imagining girls as WAGS than on the field or handling a team’s front office facilities. As she hails from a family that has made a fortune in the sports world, Mallory Edens has been vocal about women’s participation in the field.

The model and activist were recently spotted with a well-known face of the sports world, and the two have been speaking about some major romance rumors over the months. A close source has further claimed that this is a very close friendship that has evolved. It was further added that the athlete is not going to do something as quickly as Shailene Woodley. Who is this athlete? 

Who Is Mallory Edens Dating?

Mallory Edens is reportedly dating Aaron Rodgers. The two sparked major romance rumors after paparazzi were spotted sharing candy at a Bucks game. This was just a month before the alleged relationship grabbed media attention. A close source has further provided some insight saying that they are more than friends but keeping it casual for now. The newest romance comes to the forefront after the former Green Bay quarterback and actress Shailene Woodley called off their engagement in 2022.

Mallory Edens Dating
Who is Mallory Edens Dating? (Credits: People)

As Mallory Edens celebrated her birthday this April, onlookers have stated that while the quarterback was seen hiding at the party, Rodgers reportedly did engage in heavy PDA with his rumored girlfriend on her birthday.

The alleged couple have known each other for years and had earlier sat alongside each other at Bucks games in the past. The model posted a picture on social media back In 2019 where the quarterback was sitting with her. Aaron Rodgers was romantically linked to Danica Patrick during the time.

Mallory Edens and the former Green Bay Packer athlete were again photographed sitting together at a Bucks vs. Lakers game on a special day as it was Rodger’s birthday back in December 2022.

Earlier, Aaron Rodgers opened up about the idea of being a father while saying that it is going to be a really fun challenge as he is looking forward to taking care of another life at some point, and the athlete believes that it is going to be fun and he is admittedly really excited about that chapter and is looking forward to it whenever that comes. 

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Who Is Mallory Edens?

Mallory Edens is the daughter of Wesley Edens, who gained a while fortune after co-founding the Fortress Investment Group back in 1998. Aaron Rodgers and Wesley Edens are reportedly friends, as the athlete has often accompanied the family on several basketball games.

Mallory Edens has been vocal about the issue of women being marginalized in the field of sports. Mallory explained in an early op-ed that a girl who is interested in sports is not exceptional. People have implied that there should be by confining girls and young women to a section of pink jerseys, according to the model and activist.

Mallory Edens Dating
Mallory Edens and Drake (Credits: ELLE)

Was Mallory Edens Dating Drake?

Mallory Edens earlier made headlines after her name was once linked with Canadian rapper Drake. However, it was not romantic and had something to do with sports. Not. only that, but it was speculated that the two are beefing up due to their commitment to their respective teams. 

The cold feud rumors were further fuelled after Mallory was seen wearing a Pusha T-shirt. It is known how Pusha T and Drake had a small feud earlier over an alleged diss track. However, Mallory made it clear in an early interview in 2019 that they are not beefing and are good.

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