The Midnight Sky Release Date, Staff, and Details Confirmed by Netflix

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The Midnight Sky

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, The Midnight Sky starring George Clooney is all set to hit the cinemas soon. The science-fiction movie trailer packed with top-notch action and adventure was dropped on Netflix a few days back. Since then, the audience has been making guesses about its storyline. Well, let’s put the pondering to an over as we are here to your aid. Today, we will talk about The Midnight Sky, its release date, and all other details you need to know!

Let me tell you that this science flick doesn’t only star George Clooney but also directed him. This movie is adapted from the novel Good Morning; Midnight penned down by Lily Brook- Dalton. Netflix released two parts of the trailer. One was released a month ago, and the other one was unveiled a few days back. If you haven’t checked out the trailer yet, you can take a glimpse into this world now! The film has an IMDb rating of 5.5 and has received mixed reviews from the audience.

The Midnight Sky Release Date Confirmed

The Midnight Sky will be released on Netflix on December 23, 2020. Even after the hurdles offered by the corona outbreak, the execution, production as well as filming is completed. The movie launched an exclusive theatrical release in the USA on December 11, 2021. But, it is now going to be streamed on Netflix.

The Midnight Sky starring George Clooney to be released soon
The Midnight Sky starring George Clooney to be released soon

The makers are yet to confirm if they would be renewing it for The Midnight Sky 2. But, this movie set in the scenes of the Arctic Circle would certainly be delighting in watching. The movie gained mixed reviews from the spectators. Some got swayed away with the emotional tone and lauded it, while other critics said it is a tad bit similar to other science fiction movies.

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The cast of The Midnight Sky

The lead cast of the adventurous sci flick is as amazing as its story. Take a look at the key characters of this movie and know what roles they will be playing.

George Clooney as Augustine Lofthouse

Clooney - The Lonely Scientist in The Midnight Sky
Clooney – The Lonely Scientist in The Midnight Sky

As well as know, George Clooney is the star of the film, The Midnight Sky. He plays an Arctic scientist and a researcher who gets stuck in the Arctic all alone. However, he discovers a girl Iris, a few days after the evacuation and gets company. He tries to contact his crew members to come back and tack her with them, but it gets too late. Thus in the latter part, when he realizes the world is about to end due to an unspecified global catastrophe, he warns them not to come back. It would indeed be delighting for fans to watch him play the role of a “lonely scientist” and his emotional side. Although hospitalized for a few days before the filming, he did incredible work both as a director and an actor.

Felicity Jones as Sully

Felicity Jones as Sully
Felicity Jones as Sully

She plays the role of one of the crew members of Augustine. She is depicted as an astronaut who goes to space to find a habitable planet for humans. Fearing the global disasters on Earth, she is accompanied by other explorers and researchers for the quest. The English actress is best known for her work in the movie “The Theory of Everything,” released in 2014. The Oscar-nominated girl indeed pulled off her role while being pregnant.

Kyle Chandler as Mitchell

Kyle Chandler starred in The Midnight Sky
Kyle Chandler starred in The Midnight Sky

He played the role of one of the astronauts stuck in the spaceship. On the voyage back to the Earth, he is led by Felicity Jones. In between the journey, the team members face a lot of difficulties and dangers. But they don’t fall prey to the pressure and still succeed in their mission. The actor worked with Clooney for the first time and did great work on screen. He is currently working for another big-budget movie, Godzilla vs. Kong, that will soon hit the cinemas.

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Tiffany Boone as Maya Peters

Tiffany Boone as Maya Peters
Tiffany Boone as Maya Peters

Most recognized for her role in Hunters as Roxy Jones, Tiffany Boone too played her part well in The Midnight Sky. She is currently working on her most recent project, Nine Perfect Strangers. When asked about his experience working with Tiffany, George Clooney said that she has an elegant quality as an actress. In the movie, she had a major role in keeping the spacecraft functioning while returning to Earth.

Caoilinn Springall as Iris

Caoilinn Springall- The quiet girl of The Midnight Sky
Caoilinn Springall- The quiet girl of The Midnight Sky

During the evacuation, Iris is left behind. Springall played the role of this quiet girl who gets a company in the Arctic. As she is left behind, Augustine tries to contact crew members to take her with them. But it gets too late until he realizes that it was not a wise call. Thus, Iris is cared for by him until his last breath.

Storyline and Plot of the Midnight Sky

The story revolves around a group of scientists or explorers who are on a mission of discovering a planet as habitable for humans as Earth. The film is set in 2049, signifying the end of Earth due to a global disaster. However, he gets stuck in the Arctic while warning other astronauts not to come back to Earth.

While trying to warn Sully not to return to Earth, he also tries to save a girl. The evacuees forgot to carry her with them, and thus, she gets stuck there in the Arctic with Clooney. Clooney spends the last days of his life caring for that girl and drinking whiskey to cope with the temperature.

Iris and Augustine stuck in the Arctic
Iris and Augustine are stuck in the Arctic.

The movie is filmed in the locations of Iceland and confronted a real-life Arctic storm. It had been challenging for the makers as well as the actors to shoot in such places. But Clooney got no chill! Even after getting his eyelashes freeze, he wouldn’t stop. He instead asked the staff to bring him a hairdryer to unfreeze them. Well, this dedication and hardships certainly explain why this man has two Oscars.

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Critics Reviews: What did the Audience has to say?

Although the acting was good, the audience couldn’t connect with them and felt a bit boring, especially in the second half. The plot was narrow and spinning around just three spaces – Spaceship, Arctic, and flashbacks. The viewers found it less engaging than other science fiction flicks. Therefore, the movie couldn’t gain good reviews and finished off with an IMDb rating of 5.5, despite putting their best.

The Midnight Sky demands tolerance to get there, unfold twists, and become worth paying attention to. But, by the time the movie gets there, the audience has already left the show! Some of the scenes are monotonous, dull, and full of emotions. The audience wanted to know what happened on Earth, not the flashbacks that Augustine was commemorating. In sci-fi movies, spectators usually crave information related to space and not emotions. The movie lacked this thing, which made the audience lose its interest.

Overall The Midnight Sky is a decent movie, but it gets off-track often. Once you strike the chord with the journeys of the characters, you’ll surely love it!

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