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What Episode Does Lalo Salamanca Die In Better Call Saul?

Better Call Saul

In case you failed to make it to the death of Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul, you must have this question, raised in your mind. When did it happen? More precisely in which episode? Before getting into further discussion, let’s have a brief look at Lalo’s character and what the series is all about. 

Starting from the basics, Lalo Salamanca has been portrayed by Tony Dalton in the mentioned TV show. Well, Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad. We saw him being the nephew of Hector Salamanca, an enforcer of Don Eladio Vuente’s drug cartel. But, when his uncle fell sick, Lalo relocated to Mexico and took over his family’s drug business. 

Better Call Saul premiered back in 2015 with Season 6 concluded, last year. Created by the duo of Vince Gilligan and Peter Goud, the show primarily focuses on Jimmy McGill. Initially, he used to be a con artist. But, later, he wanted to become a respectable lawyer in the personality of Saul Goodman, a criminal lawyer. There are a lot of twists and turns, which you surely wouldn’t like to miss out, on once you start watching Better Call Saul. 

Talking about the actor who played Lalo, that is Tony Dalton, is also quite famous for portraying Jack Duquesne in Hawkeye. Some of Tony’s other acting credits include- Colombiana, Ms. Marvel, Sense8, Cappadocia, Rebelde, etc. 

It was in Better Call Saul Season 4 when Lalo Salamanca got introduced into the show. However, he didn’t make it to the very end. Yes! He passed away. But, what and when did it happen? If you are looking for these, here are your answers.

What Episode Does Lalo Salamanca Die In Better Call Saul

A scene from Better Call Saul, featuring Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca

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Lalo Salamanca Died In Better Call Saul: Episode Details 

Well, Lalo Salamanca’s stay in Better Call Saul was pretty much short-lived. As mentioned already, he joined the cast in Season 4. Talking about his death, Lalo Salamanca died in Season 6. To be more precise, episode 8 is named as- “Point and Shoot.” You must be wondering, how did Lalo die? 

It all happened after an intense face-off between Lalo and Gus. Initially, he made his move very patiently and moved to Germany. There, he got to know many things about Werner Ziegler. 

In Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 8, Lalo Salamanca involved Jimmy and Kim. What for? To distract Mike and during that time, he would do something at the laundromat. Even Gus went there. Talking about Lalo’s death, the name of the episode spoke a lot. Gus shot Lalo in the neck. At that time, Gus was beside the power cable running into the lab. He intentionally damaged it which eventually switched off the lights, causing darkness in the place. 

Even though both were wounded after their intense fight, Gus was still able to stand still. But, Lalo failed to do so and was laid on the floor. As he was shot in his neck, blood was pouring out from that injury and the scene was pathetic for the audience. On the other hand, Gus immediately opted for the treatment of his injury. 

What Episode Does Lalo Salamanca Die In Better Call Saul

Lalo Salamanca’s death scene in Better Call Saul: The most chilling villain

Despite Lalo Salamanca being the villainous character of Better Call Saul, fans very quickly started loving him. One fan even ended up commenting, “Shout out to Tony Dalton. Lalo Salamanca was the most chilling villain TV has seen in a long time. Smiles all damn day.” A majority of the fans didn’t appreciate how Lalo’s character was killed off in the show. However, it was what the show writers planned to do with Better Call Saul’s Lalo Salamanca. 

Best Wishes to Tony Dalton for the upcoming days of his life. You may follow Tony, on his Instagram account for more updates, especially, about his future projects. Well, his performance as Lalo in this Breaking Bad prequel, has been undoubtedly mesmerising. 

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