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Where is Finding Father Christmas Filmed? Everything We Know!

Where was Finding Father Christmas Filmed?
Where was Finding Father Christmas Filmed?

The first 2 Father Christmas books—Finding Father Christmas and “Engaging Father Christmas”—by Robin Jones Gunn served as the inspiration for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film Finding Father Christmas, which debuted on November 13 as part of the network’s annual Miracles of Christmas celebration. Based on the books by Robin Jones Gunn, the Father Christmas movie trilogy is a Canadian production starring Erin Krakow and Niall Matter.

As there is a great demand from the audience about the movie’s shooting locations, in this article, we are going to cover every possible detail of this romantic movie and therefore answer the question in demand: Where was Finding Father Christmas filmed?

What’s Finding Father Christmas About?

The movies chronicle Miranda Chester’s journey as she investigates her parentage by traveling to the sleepy Vermont community of Carlton Heath at dusk. She meets and falls in love with local hotelier and attorney Ian McKendrick while there.

On November 13, 2016, Finding Father Christmas made its television debut on the Hallmark Films & Mysteries channel. Following that, it was shown on the channel twenty more times leading up to Christmas and also on Christmas Day. In October 2017, the movie was made available on DVDs in the United States.

Where was Finding Father Christmas Filmed?

Where was Finding Father Christmas Filmed?

The story goes as follows: Christmas serves as a heartbreaking recollection of the family Miranda (Krakow) never had. Her mother passed away when she was a little child and never revealed who her father was. But three days before, she receives an unexpected lead that leads her to a picturesque New England village and introduces her to Ian, a young bloke who assists her in her hunt.

Miranda discovers that her father resided in the tiny town and that she now knows his family (his brother and his wife), as the signs point to the identity of her father, and she finds Ian to be a potential love interest. She must make a dreadful choice… Should she stay and protect the secret for all time, or should she go and potentially lose the home she has just found? Miranda’s new opportunity in love and life makes this Christmas one to remember.

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Where was Finding Father Christmas filmed?

The gorgeous, bright settings where the major protagonists fall in love with one another and with the Christmas spirit are always the most wonderful aspects of Hallmark Christmas movies. The movie was mostly shot around Vancouver, British Columbia. The shots include various places in Canada’s Abbotsford, British Columbia. This was the place where the Carlton Health Center shot was filmed. It also displayed some beautiful cafes in Columbia, like the Bari Café in Trondheim. The snowy hills and the beautiful sunset part were shot in Norway’s Trondheim and Sr. Trndelag. Not to forget, the Dorset building, which was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, at 1000 Burrard St., is the Sheraton Wall Centre, North Tower.

Where was Finding Father Christmas Filmed?

Where was Finding Father Christmas Filmed?

Abbotsford is a beautiful town in Vancouver, British Columbia. Furthermore, Statistics Canada has named it the most charitable city in Canada for the past nine years. Sumas, a town in Washington, shares a border with Abbotsford to the south. Mount Baker (located in Washington to the southeast of Abbotsford) and the Coast Ranges are visible from much of the city (to the north).

How to watch Finding Father Christmas?

You can catch this amazing and beautiful movie on various platforms, especially on Hallmark’s official channel. It’s also available on Hoopla and Amazon Prime Videos. Users of public libraries in cities who sign up for Hoopla can use them for free, but the libraries that accept it must pay for it. It’s not subscription-based; it’s pay-per-usage. Libraries receive between $0.99 and $2.99 per title when a patron checks out an item.

For Hallmark Movies Now, Hallmark provides two subscription plans. An annual subscription costs $59.99, or $4.99 each month, making it the best deal. The second selection is a $5.99 monthly membership.

A paid subscription program from Amazon called Amazon Prime is accessible in many different countries and grants consumers access to extra services that would otherwise be either unavailable or priced higher for other Amazon customers. Services include supermarket shopping, streaming music, video, and e-books, as well as same-day, one-or two-day delivery of items. A one-year subscription to Amazon Prime now costs $139 (formerly $119) or $15 per month (increased from $13 per month).

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