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Preview: You Make Me Dance Episode 3 and 4

You Make Me Dance

People and generations are moving fast forward so as the entertainment industry also. The latest pop culture trending nowadays in the Korean industry is the making of drama on Boys Love (BL). Moreover, people are also accepting the trend, and dramas are becoming quite popular. Now, 2021 is looking more promising than ever for many fans with the going on of one BL drama, You Make Me Dance. The drama series is already premiering and is available for watching on WeTv and Viki. Furthermore, the Netflix streaming service will also premier the drama series after the completion of the airing of the whole series.

You Make Me Dance Episode 1 & 2: Recap

You Make Me Dance is a Viki original romantic series from South Korea. The drama consists only of eight episodes and is a short drama. You Make Me Dance released on February 26, 2021, and will run until March 19, 2021. The first two episodes came out on February 26, 2021. The episode starts with one of the leading character, Song Si Son listening to the radio while waiting for the bus. On the radio, DJ Jae Min is telling a special myth known as the story of a common thread to all listeners. He continued saying that an invincible red thread in the little is tying two people who are bound to be together. Furthermore, one cannot tie the thread around the finger of someone else or untie the same even though they wish to.

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The DJ then ask on the radio to lift their little finger and see around them as to who they are meant to be with and their soul mate. Song Si Son looked around him raising his pinkie finger and found another man around him looking for the same thing. Well, the journey for their love begins with both starring with each other. However, the drama series moves fast forward three years. The story of the rest of the episode forms as to how they meet again after three years as a debt collector. It also showcases their first meeting, their relationship as a debtor and creditor, along with the progress in their relationship.

You Make Me Dance

A scene from Episode 1

You Make Me Dance Episode 3 and 4: Release Date

You make me dance airs on Friday of every week, and is available for featuring on WeTv and Viki. The mini-drama series runs only for 13 minutes and releases two episodes each week. Last week, we already saw the release of Episode 1 and 2. Now, let’s move forward to the release of the upcoming episodes. You Make Me Dance Episode 3 and 4 will release and feature on March 5, 2021. Since it is a Viki Original series, it will be first available on the same streaming device for watching with English.

Nal Pen is the screenwriter for the series, along with So Joon Moon as the director. The other name for the series is KeoleoReoswi and Yumeikeumidaenseu. W-Story is the production company behind the creation of the series. It is their third drama exploring the Boy Love genre. They already gave previously two hits on the same genre. Episode 3 and 4 of You Make Me Dance will feature Chu-Young Woo in the leading role of Song Shi On and Won HyungHoon in the leading role of Jin Hong Seok. Moreover, there are also other supporting casts, including Lee Soo Ryun, and Lex. They are portraying the role of Jung Hoon and Cha Sa Jung, respectively.

You Make Me Dance Episode 3 and 4: Preview

Episode 2 ends with the two leading casts holding each other and starring off. Song Shi On was practising his dance on the rooftop and saying that no one wished him on his birthday apart from the shopping companies. He was thinking about his moments with Jin Hong Seok when he suddenly stumbled on his salsa practice stand. However, Jin Hong Seok came at the right time and caught him while he was falling and unable to get his grip on anything.

Episode 3 will pick off with Jin Hong Seok and Song Shi On starring each other. Hong Seok is also bringing a package with him, so it may be a birthday gift for Song Shi. He will also say his reason for coming to meet with the Song Shi. The rest of the story will form as to how they came to live together and develop their relationship. It will also feature if they would accept their love and confess to each other or give in to society.

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