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Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 Full Summary: Asa And The Falling Devil!

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 Full Summary and spoilers

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 is out and the full summary for the chapter continues the exciting event concerning Asa and the newly appeared devil. The Public Safety division has been concerned with the prophecies of the Nostradamus as mentioned by Yoshida in the chapter prior to the latest.

The falling devil’s apperacne is something very unexpected and since it can feed on the deepest and darkest memories, it is really bad for Asa who is depressed at the moment becaue of the things that happened recently. In addition to that, we will also saw things related to Asa’s past such as whereabouts her parents and the reason why she is protrayed as a loner and depressed teenager.

Though Asa is fighting agains the devil even though she has been speaking about dying a moments ago and the conclusion of this scenario is something unpredictbale at this point and given that this series is keen on making its character die at any moment, fans are worried about Asa.

Whereas, we are aware that even Denji is aware about the current situation and fans are expecting him to see him in the next chapter since we haven’t seen him in the previous two chapters. However, the next chapter will follow the alternate release scheduled and the fans will have to wait until the end of this month to read the new chapter.

But for now, we have full content from the Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 so follow along this article as we break down the details of the said chapter. With that being said, here we bring you the latest updates on the Chainsaw Man manga series.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 Full Summary

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 titled “Hors D’oeuvre” continues with the mystereious new devil appearing in front of Asa and Yoru. The devil decapitates the head of one of the female corpses lying around and put on it own neck and uses it as a head since the devil is missing one.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 Full Summary And Discussion and spoilers

The devil soon takes an appereance of Chef and starts talking by revealing its name first which is Falling Devil and says that she is here upon the requests of the residents of the hell. She warns that whoever leaves food on their plate will face death. 

Asa charges in for an attack with her ruler sword but Yoru tries to snap her out of it saying that the devil causing her negative feelings. Yoru says that she has to be control so that she could focus on creating stronger weapons that will help them defeat it however, Asa charges in without thinking. 

The Falling Devil then uses her attack calling it the first course “Hors D’oeuvre La Root Vonla” of the meal and when the devil claps, we see younger Asa.

Asa’s Past 

A small portion of Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 then sees Asa in an oprphanage (residing kids who’s parents were killed by devils) with a cat and reading a book. A female caretaker of the Orphanage asks Asa to give her the cat and she will lend it someone who already has a lot of cats.

The reason being is that one of the kids at the orphanage is allergic to it and this is not good for Asa too as she should be out interacting with other people. The caretaker also says that it would be good for the cat as it would be surrounded by animals similar to it.

Later at night, one of the other kids asks Asa about her cat and informs her that they saw one like Aas’s cat near a river pass dead. Worried Asa asks the caretaker about the cat and she says that it is only fair that Asa must not be with someon like their family since everyone else’s family is dead. 

Back to the present, we see that Asa is hanging by a barrier on the side walk but she is upside down as the Falling Devil’s powers is pulling people to the air. Many people at the surrounding have started to flee. As Asa is clinging to the barrier, Yoru informs her that she cannot her body and asks her to not be afraid.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 123 has been released and if you haven’t read the chapter then you read it for free on Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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