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Where Is Chesapeake Shores Filmed? Locations Of The Drama TV Series

chesapeake shores
Where Is Chesapeake Shores Filmed?

The love of family and teenage drastic moves takes us back to Chesapeake Shores. Chesapeake Shores is a drama television series based on the novel of Sherryl Woods. The show was produced by Chesapeake Shores Productions Inc in association with Borderline Distribution. The show was seen on Hallmark Channel in a two-hour premiere. Moreover, the showrunner here was John Tinker, as well as the executive producer for the show for the first two seasons. A number of things about this show attract people, but the one that leaves everyone strangled is the beautiful filming location of this show. Are you also an enthusiast for knowing Where Chesapeake Shores was Filmed? Well, this article will definitely provide you with an answer.

chesapeake shores

Chesapeake Shores

The plot of this show follows Abby O’Brien Winters receiving a phone call from her younger sister. The younger sister of Abby, Jess, sounds panicked on the call. Jess just finished the renovation of the charming Inn at Eagle Point. The town of Martland was established by Jess and Abby’s father, but as Abby moved out and had her own problems, she couldn’t give any time to the betterment of the place. The current life of Abby is seen to be full of obstacles, her career is quite demanding, also, she just had a divorce and was now handling the custody of both her young girls. Abby knew moving back would mean dealing with her family and her ex Trace Riley, whom she loved but left around a decade back to start her own life. Well, which we know didn’t turn out too well. The climax of the show brings Trace and Abby back, and they start their journey of finding love again.

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Where Is Chesapeake Shores Filmed?

The filming locations of Chesapeake Shores are tourist must-visit locations. The tree house shown in the show is actually shot in Milner Gardens in Qualicum Beach. Moreover, the O’Brien Family Trust was filmed at Rathtrevor Beach in Parksville. Smithford’s Gifts in Qualicum Beach was shot for the scene with Chesapeake Shores Flower Shop. The Chesapeake Shores Town Square Cafe was covered on the Bailey’s in the village cafe, Qualicum Beach. Additionally, the Chesapeake shores Art Museum was actually Nanaimo Arts Council in the first place. The Vault Cafe in Nanaimo was used to use Austin Street. And lastly, Leigh House in Qualicum Beach was shown as Sally’s cafe on the show.
chesapeake shores

Chesapeake Shores

Where To Watch?

The show is available on various streaming platforms. You can watch the show on Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, Roku, Fubo, Movies Now, and Direct TV. Moreover, the show can also be downloaded on Google Play and can be watched for free on Spectrum.

The locations of this show are known all around the world and are used by tourists quite often. Add colors to your weekend by taking a glimpse of the set of this show.

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