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One Piece

All Yonko In One Piece – Ranked By Strength

One Piece 1053 - raw scans
Four Emperors

One Piece is not just an anime famous for its expanding storyline but also for its power distribution level among characters. For me, One Piece is the only anime where the powers are perfectly distributed, and each character impacts the storyline. Even the silliest character has its own audience, and this is the magic of One Piece. No matter which side you love, whether it’s pirates or marines, none of the sides is entirely white or black as greed always presents in human nature, and the same happens with the organizations in One Piece.

One of the major power levels in One Piece lies among the yonkos (four emperors) in One Piece, but what’s this organization? Who are they? Are they equally powerful? Well, we have lots of questions regarding the concept of yonko, but in this article, each and every doubt of yours related to the power level of yonko will vanish forever. We will also rank all the yonkos based on their strength in the later section of this article. 

Since we are talking about four emperors, It is important to understand who they actually are. To understand this, let’s understand how the One Piece world works. The world in One Piece is divided into two sections. In the first section, on one side of the grand line, there exists the world where the world government rules. Some of the Islands that lie in this region are Goa Kingdom, Dawn Island, etc.

The other half beyond the grand line known as the New World is not in the control of the world government. The other half is ruled by the four emperors of the sea, and it is said that, in order to survive in the New World, you must be associated with a Yonko in any way. This title is so fearsome that even the world government can’t attack you directly. Now, let’s rank each Yonko based on their strength.

Here’s the complete list of the most powerful yonko in One Piece.

7. Buggy

Recently, In One Piece, we saw a huge upside down when it is revealed that Buggy becomes a new yonko with a total bounty of 3189000000 berries. This bounty is even higher than Luffy’s bounty, which is of straight 3 Billion Berries. It was also revealed that Buggy founded a new organization, named Cross Guild, which puts a bounty on Marines; thus, seeing their lives at stake, World Government declared Buggy as the new threat to them.

However, in the latest episode, It was revealed that Buggy became Yonko just by the mistake of the Marines. They mistakenly considered Buggy as the founder of Cross Guild. Crocodile is the real founder of this newly found organization. What do you guys think, Do Buggy really hiding his strength for the later war? Do let us know.


Buggy Clown: The Emperor

6. Big Mom

Charlotte Linlin, also known as the Big Mom, was the former yonko in One Piece. She was the ruler of the Whole Cake Island territory and the user of the Soul-Soul no Mi devil fruit. She was also a member of the Xebec Pirates and later got disbanded after the God Valley Incident. She was extremely powerful and gave a very disastrous challenge to the worst generation of pirates; however, she was defeated by Law and Kid’s combined efforts in the Wano arc. This defeat made her lose the title of Yonko, and there’s no confirmation whether she is alive or not. It is to be noted that She wanted to make an empire where every species could exist; however, her way of doing things caused trouble for many people

One Piece Big Mom

Big Mom

5. Kaido

Kaido is also known as the world’s strongest creature. He was the commander general of the Beast Pirates. He was defeated 7 times and captured by marines multiple times in his life just because he wanted to die. He even jumped from Sky Island to kill himself; however, he was so strong that no one could kill him, Not Even Himself! Kaido was also the user of Fish Fish no Mi, which made him transform into a Dragon according to his will. Kaido was the major threat to Wano and its people and the major antagonist of the Wano arc. Kaido wanted to make a new Onigashima in the whole Wano and ultimately wanted to find the One Piece; however, he failed to do so. Ultimately, he is defeated by Luffy in the end, and there’s no confirmation whether he is alive or not.


Kaido of the Beast Pirates

4. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D Luffy recently gained the title of the yonko after defeating Kaido in Wano. With this title, he also got the bounty of straight 3 Billion Berries. Luffy also becomes ultimately powerful after unlocking this Gear 5, and now, his color of the supreme king is on another level. Luffy begins his journey toward the sea when he is only 17 years old and recruits amazing crewmates along the way. At that time, no one predicted that one day, he would hold the highest rank in the new world. It is sure that Luffy is no longer someone who needs to give his identity to his opponent. Now, he is very close to his ultimate goal, and it would be interesting to see the new threats he faces along the way.

Luffy's New Punch

Monkey D. Luffy

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3. Marshall D. Teach ( Blackbeard )

Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, currently holds the rank of one of the most mysterious emperors in the new world. He is not just troublesome but also the user of two of the most powerful devil fruits. He killed Shirohige in an unfair fight and ate his devil fruit by some means. It is still a mystery how he was able to eat two devil fruits. Apart from Shirohige’s Gura Gura no Mi, he ate Yami Yami no Mi by killing Ace’s best friend, Thatch. It is also said that Blackbeard will be the final opponent to Luffy in his journey toward the last island. As he shares the D in his name, It will be interesting to see how he will bring chaos to this world.


Blackbeard One Piece

2. Edward Newgate (Whitebeard)

Edward Newgate, also known as Whitebeard or Shirohige, was considered the strongest man in the world. He was the direct opponent of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, and it is said that he was the closest man to One Piece. Since he had no interest in the treasure, he never put any effort into finding that; instead, he focused on building a family. He loved his family so much that he initiated the full-fledged war against the Navy just because the life of his commander was at stake. According to Sengoku, the former fleet admiral of the Navy, Whitebeard’s devil fruit could destroy the world if he wants to. Sadly, he was betrayed by his own pirate and later killed by Blackbeard and his crew.


Whitebeard from One Piece

1. Shanks

Shanks, also known as the Shanks of the Red Hairs, is the leader of the Red Hairs Pirates and probably the strongest emperor in One Piece. He is also a big inspiration to Luffy as he is the one who inspired Luffy to become the great pirate and passes on the straw hat. Shanks is someone who stopped the full-fledged war just by challenging the whole league. He also possesses the strongest conqueror’s haki that even scared the admiral Ryukogyu. Shanks’s motives are still mysterious, and no one knows what move he will play in the future of One Piece.

One Piece Film Red Spoilers - Shanks Spoilers

Shanks from One Piece

We hope you have liked the list so far. As this list is solely based on the author’s own opinion, your views may vary from our views. Stay connected to Otakukart for more such listicles and anime news.

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