The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 60: Release Date & Spoilers

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The S-Classes That I Raised - Chapter 60

Popular online novels with humor, action, and adventure include The S-Classes That I Raised. Currently, Geunseo’s writing is available in a manhwa adaption. the F-Class Hunter. To top it all off, he has a younger brother who is an S-class and a brother who is an F-class and struggles to keep up with him.

Five years after leading a life that was in ruins and even ruining the lives of my younger brother, I was granted a second opportunity by traveling back in time. I made the decision that this time, I wouldn’t make the same mistakes and that I would live calmly and contentedly. That’s what I initially believed, but the S-Ranks is all very bizarre, and I can’t seem to escape them.

Here are a few updates regarding The S-Classes That I Raised – Chapter 60.

The S-Classes That I Raised - Chapter 60 Release Date 
The S-Classes That I Raised

The S-Classes That I Raised – Chapter 60 Release Date 

This week, The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 60 will be accessible online at the series’ official website. On the webtoon comics website, you can read Chapter 59 of the manga titled The S-Classes That I Raised. There are probably raw scans available on many manga websites and YouTube videos. The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 60 is anticipated to air on November 7, 2022.

The S-Classes That I Raised – About Han Yoojin (Main Character)

The protagonist of the Manga/ Novel The S-Classes I Raised is Han Yoojin. This story follows Yoojin on his journey back in time to prevent the death of his self-sacrificing brother.

Yoojin is indeed an F-ranker who is overshadowed by his younger, S-ranking brother. He only ever causes trouble, getting in the way of his brother everywhere he goes. When Yoojin’s brother is killed during what should have been a regular dungeon raid, Yoojin chooses to utilize the wish he received for finishing the dungeon to change the course of time.

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The idea was to live a calm life going forward. yet it appears that he can now assist others in becoming S-rankers. Perhaps now is Yoojin’s opportunity to assemble his own group of strong metahumans. However, it can be simpler said than done.

Han Yoojin in The S-Classes That I Raised

Han Yoojin has spent his entire life providing care for those he considers to be family and friends, finding it natural that he does so and would instinctively risk his safety and well-being in order to make sure they would be okay, especially for his little brother.

This is because he was abandoned, and his parents abandoned him, leaving it up to him to take ownership of his little brother. Han Yoojin finds it challenging to be the one left out of a situation and to let go of his compassion for others, which contradicts his objective of wanting to live a tranquil, independent life. Although this causes many around him to worry, they assert that it would be preferable if he does not get involved.

The S-Classes That I Raised – Han Yoojin’s Appearance 

Han Yoojin has black hair that reaches his black eyes and a fair complexion. He believes that he has a thinner frame than Moon Hyuna and that his previous physique has regressed.

He typically wears a bracelet, a pair of ruby dangling earrings, and a black choker. He is frequently shown with a black leather jacket on, along with a white shirt with black sleeves. He is wearing fingerless gloves.

The S-Classes That I Raised – Persona of Han Yoojin

Han Yoojin can be harsh and unpleasant to individuals he doesn’t particularly like, yet he is highly biased towards the people he loves (Yoo Myeongwoo, Bak Yerim), especially his younger brother. Because of his fear of resistance, he can argue and argue back with hunters who are of a higher class than himself, which always shocks other hunters. A more accurate description of him would be “a confident deer amid wolves.” He is a skilled actor and liar who can deceive an S-class hunter without being discovered but loses when challenged on a lie.

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The S-Classes That I Raised – Persona of Han Yoojin

However, Han Yoojin is incredibly brutal when it comes to enemies, especially those who cause harm to those who are dear to him. Although he feels some guilt because he is still a human, he does not hesitate to kill them. Due to his prior fighting expertise before his regression, he is capable of addressing his kidnapping affairs, but he still acts like a damsel in distress and prefers to maintain a low profile, even if it raises questions about why the adversaries have already been eliminated.

Where You Can Read: The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 60

When Chapter 60 of The S-Classes That I Raised is released on the anticipated date, you can read it here on their official website, The S-Classes That I Raised Manga Online and Webtoons.

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