Esaret Episode 123: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Esaret Episode 123 streaming Guide
Esaret main cast (Credit: Kanal7)

The release date for episode 123 of Esaret is near. As Orhun and Hira’s love story is finally showing some positive signs through all the challenges and sorrows, fans are intrigued to know what will happen next. As every episode of Esaret brings something new to baffle the viewers, they are excited to know what Afifa will plan this time to break the couple’s bond. So, know here about the release date of the 123rd episode of Esaret and its Streaming Guide.

Released in the year 2022, Esaret follows the story of a wealthy man named Orhun and a poor slave girl named Hira. Orhun is born into a family where he never receives love, but he loves unconditionally when it comes to his two sisters. When one of his sisters mysteriously disappears, Orhun embarks on the journey to track her down. While on the quest, Orhun comes across Hira, the female protagonist of Orhun.

Orhun finds out that Hira has some connections with his sister’s disappearance, so he decides to take revenge on her. Eventually, both fall in love and conquer every challenge that they come across. Esaret is one of the highly acclaimed Turkish shows right now. As Esaret has already released its 122 episodes and the story of Hira and Orhun is moving towards its end, let us know when the 123rd episode of Esaret will release and how you can watch it

Esaret: Plot Summary

Esaret encircles the life of a wealthy protagonist Orhun who has been living with his two sisters and his mother. Even though his sisters are very close to his heart, his mother is so distant from him but still interferes in his life when she thinks he is making unendurable decisions. Additionally, Orhun’s mother believes in “Pure Blood,” and that is why she treats all the poor people badly.

Esaret Episode 122 Recap
Esaret Protagonist Orhun (Credit: Redemption)

One day, one of the sisters of Orhun, Nihan, moves to Eritrea for work purposes. While everything is going on perfectly with her and Orhun’s life, Nihan suddenly disappears. Orhun soon embarks on his journey to find Nihan, where he also meets Hira. Hira is the girl who has been trafficked and imprisoned by the local criminal gang. Orhun immediately finds Hira connected to him, unaware of the fact that things are soon going to drastically change for him.

While on his quest, Orhun learns that Nihan has got murdered by the local gang, and they assign Hira to do the work. Orhun feels devastated knowing that his sister is killed at the hands of Hira, and for that, he decides to seek revenge. Orhun saves Hira from the local gangs and brings her home. He tries to be nice to Hira, but all he wants is revenge on her, and when she is finally in his hands, he plans to abuse her into slavery.

What Happened in the recent episodes of Esaret?

As Esaret is heading towards an end, love is blooming between Hira and Orhun. However, with each episode, the difficulties in their relationship have been increasing. Moreover, as Orhun’s mother, Afife, does not like Hira at all because she is a slave girl, she starts creating more problems for both of them. But Orhun is very sure about his love for Hira, and that is why he decides never to let go of her.

In the recent episodes, Hira learns why Orhun brought her home. She discovers everything about Orhun’s sister and that he is seeking revenge on Hira. Hira feels offended and gets furious over Orhun and soon decides to divorce him. She leaves the house, but soon, with Orhun’s efforts, she goes back home. Orhun feels ecstatic that the love of his life is back and decides to confess his feelings to Hira.

Esaret Episode 123 release date
Esaret Protagonist Hira (Credit: Redemption)

On the other hand, Afifa plans to destroy the relationship between Orhun and Hira, and for that, she tries her best to create distance between them. Afifa also tells Orhun that she will never accept a slave girl as her daughter-in-law or her child. But now, Orhun feels harder for Hira and desires to have a family with her. So, in the upcoming episodes of Esaret, we will be able to enjoy the passionate romance between Orhun and Hira with the series of plot twists, which are promised by the show Esaret, as always.

Esaret Episode 123: Release Date

Episode 123 of Esaret is scheduled to release on Wednesday, 31st May 2023, at 7:00 PM in Turkey on Kanal 7. The watching guide for Esaret episode 123 is given below, which you can follow to watch the episode on the exact date and time.

  • British Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 05:00 PM GMT
  • Pacific Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 09:00 AM PT
  • Eastern Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 12:00 PM ET
  • Australian Time Zone: 1st June 2023, Thursday, 03:00 AM AEDT
  • Central Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 11:00 PM CT
  • Indian Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 09:30 PM IST
  • Philippines Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 12:00 AM PHT
  • German Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 06:00 PM GMT+2
  • Pakistan Time Zone: 31st May 2023, Wednesday, 09:00 AM PKST

Esaret Episode 123: Streaming Guide

Each new episode of Esaret releases every week from Monday to Friday on Kanal7 TV at 7:00 PM TRT. So if you are currently in Turkey or have access to Kanal7 TV, then you can enjoy the show directly through the TV channel. If you are an international fan and can understand Turkish, then Esaret Episode 123 will also be available for you to watch on the official YouTube channel of Esaret (Redemption). To watch Esaret episode 123 with English subtitles, you may have to wait longer.

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