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Is Tyler Posey Related To Parker Posey? The Truth Revealed

Parker Posey

Are Tyler Posey and Parker Posey related to each other? The one who played the leading character, Scott McCall in Teen Wolf: The Movie, Tyler is assumed to someway be in a relationship with the Lost in Space actress. Do you think, it makes sense? Yes. Why? That’s mainly because of their similar professions and surnames. But, is it even true? 

Before getting into further details, let’s briefly look at how prominent is Tyler Posey and Parker Posey. 

Starting from the basics, Tyler Posey is a versatile actor, who started his career as a child. Born on 18 October 1991, Tyler is now 31 years old and hails from Santa Monica. Some of his acting credits include- The Last Summer, Doc, Scream: Resurrection, Now Apocalypse, Marvel Rising, etc. Tyler Posey even provided his voice for Tony Toretto in Fast & Furious Spy Racers. Another interesting fact, he even starred in the music video of the song, “Everybody But You”, by State Champs. 

On the other hand, Parker Posey is another great actress. Born in 1968, she is now 54 years old and hails from Baltimore. When it comes to her work, the hit ones are- Scream 3, The Return of Jezebel James, Elsewhere, Tales of the Walking Dead, etc. Have you not watched Parket in The Staircase, where she played Freda Black?

Coming back to Tyler Posey and Parker Posey’s rumored connection, some are very much convinced the former is her son. That’s mainly because of their age gap. While, on the other hand, some are still trying to figure out what’s there in between them. If you are one of them, looking for whether Tyler is related to Parker, here are the details. 

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Are Tyler Posey and Parker Posey Related? 

Well, No! What? Tyler Posey and Parker Posey are not related. In other words, we may say that Tyler is not the son of Parker. Just because both have the same surnames and are quite famous in the acting industry, it will be a fool of us if we consider them to be connected on that basis. 

Is Tyler Posey Related To Parker Posey

Parker Posey

Indeed that Tyler and Parker have a huge age difference between them. But, how is it even related to them sharing a bond? We are not even sure if they ever met each other personally. Knowing that there is no relationship, you must be more curious to learn both of their family trees. Isn’t it? 

Starting with Tyler Posey, his mother was named Cyndi Terese Garcia, who passed away in 2014. Whereas, he was born to his father,  John Posey, who is an actor and writer. So, it seems like Tyler has inherited a few acting skills from his dad. This also made some people wonder if Parker Posey is his aunt. No. That’s not true. 

Well, Parker Posey reportedly has a twin brother, Christopher. Whereas, Tyler Posey has a couple of brothers too. However, the weird part is- not much is known about them. Briefly, we may say that Tyler Posey is in no way biologically related to Parker Posey. Also, on the other way around, they are not connected.

Is Tyler Posey Related To Parker Posey

Tyler Posey

We wonder what they think of their ongoing relationship rumors. But, neither Tyler nor Parker has commented anything so far. It seems like they are clever enough to not open up much about these and let their names be on the top news. What do you think about this? 

Best Wishes to both Tyler Posey and Parker Posey, for the upcoming days of their lives. It’s all good! We wonder if we get the chance to see Tyler and Parker sharing the same screen, anytime soon. What do you think?

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