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Beyond Evil: Plot Details and Episode Schedule

Beyond Evil is the story of two fearless men who are willing to go to extreme lengths in their pursuit of justice. Once a capable detective, Lee Dong-Sik had now been demoted. He was tasked to do chores at Manyang Police Substation. Nonetheless, he was beginning to settle into this peaceful life in this small, peaceful city. Just then, his new superior, Detective Han Joo-Won is transferred into his station. While he was Lee Dong-Sik’s boss, he was also to work as his partner. Han Joo-Won is an elite detective from a distinguished background. His father is also a star candidate poised to become the next National Police Agency chief. Despite the fact that Han Joo-Won had great qualities and high social standing, he was harboring a long-held secret.

This peaceful environment of the small city was broken as a string of gruesome killings take place. These cases start to form a pattern as they seem oddly reminiscent of a cold serial murder case from 20 years ago. This changed Lee Dong-Sik’s life as he teams up with Han Joo-Won to stop their city from being shaken up. Both of them vow and go through extreme lengths in their pursuit to stop this vicious culprit in his tracks. In the course of their investigation to identify the culprit, they even break the law. They are forced to look deeper than what the evidence seems to suggest so, they start questioning the capabilities of those who surround the case. The two are constantly driven to question the innocence of themselves as well as the ones who are involved in the case.

Where to Watch Beyond Evil?

Beyond Evil: Details and Episode Schedule

Lee Dong-Sik and Han Joo-Won

Beyond Evil is quite highly rated within the K-Drama Community, with an astounding score of 8.2 on MyDramaList. The episodes seem to grasp the viewers and bring them to the edge of their seats. This is all thanks to the Screenwriter, Kim Soo Jin, and Director, Shim Na Yeon, along with the amazing performance displayed by the cast members. All the episodes by Beyond Evil are available to watch as they air on JTBC, or you can even stream it on their website.

What is the episode air-time?

Like many other K-Dramas, Beyond Evil airs two episodes per week as well. The episodes by Beyond Evil air at 11 pm KST every Friday and Saturday. Be sure to change the time mentioned to your local time zone to watch the episode as soon as it airs worldwide. Beyond Evil takes over the slot which was previously occupied by ‘Hush’.

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Beyond Evil Episode Schedule

Beyond Evil: Details and Episode Schedule

Still from Beyond Evil shoots.

As mentioned above, it is quite normal for K-Dramas to air two episodes per week which go on for 16 episodes in a season. This means that a season will go up to 8 weeks. Beyond Evil follows a similar pattern, too, with two episodes aired per week on Fridays and Saturdays. This show has 16 episodes scheduled as well. Here we have, the episode schedule for Beyond Evil below:

  • Episode 1 – February 19, 2021
  • Episode 2 – February 20, 2021
  • Episode 3 – February 26, 2021
  • Episode 4 – February 27, 2021
  • Episode 5 – March 5, 2021
  • Episode 6 – March 6, 2021
  • Episode 7 – March 12, 2021
  • Episode 8 – March 13, 2021
  • Episode 9 – March 19, 2021
  • Episode 10 – March 20, 2021
  • Episode 11 – March 26, 2021
  • Episode 12 – March 27, 2021
  • Episode 13 – April 2, 2021
  • Episode 14 – April 3, 2021
  • Episode 15 – April 9, 2021
  • Episode 16 – April 10, 2021


The Cast of Beyond Evil

The main cast of the show has Shin Ha-Kyun as Lee Dong-Sik. He is the once capable officer who had been demoted. He was now a sergeant at Manyang Police Substation of Munju Police Station. And the portrayal of Lee Dong-Sik’s past is done by Lee Do-Hyun.

Yeo Jin-goo is cast as Han Joo-won, who was Lee Dong-sik’s new boss, an elite detective with a secret.

Supporting Cast:

Choi Sung-Eun plays the role of Yoo Jae-Yi, “Master of Knife,” and the owner of Manyang Butcher Shop.

Choi Dae-hoon is cast as Park Jung-Je, who was Lieutenant of the Investigation Support team at Munju Police Station and Lee Dong-Sik’s best friend.

Chun Ho-jin as Soon-to-retire chief of Manyang Police Substation, Nam Sang-bae.

Choi Jin-ho plays the role of Han Joo-won’s father, Han Ki-hwan

Lastly, Kim Shin-rok is cast as Oh Ji-Hwa.

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