Delightfully Deceitful Episode 1: Release Date and Streaming Guide

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Delightfully Deceitful
Delightfully Deceitful [Source: tvN]

TVN [TVING] is back with another crime, revenge, and suspense K-drama. The television series is titled “Delightfully Deceitful”, originally titled in Korean as 이로운 사기 [ Iloun Sagi]. The K-drama is set to release in the last week of May and will continue till July. So far, tvN has released three teasers of the drama, and viewers are already on the cliffhanger seeing the teasers. 

The drama consists of scenes of crime, hacking, horror, and empathy too. The character of main two leads are opposite to each other; the plot is about how these two deal after colliding with each other. One has no empathy, and one is always immersed with others and empathizes. 

Delightfully Deceitful [Source: tvN]
The cast of the drama makes it more watchable. For the main lead, we have Chun Woo Hee playing the character of Lee Ro Um, who is a genius conn-artist. On the contrary, we have Kim Dong Wook as Han Moo Young, an empathized and loyal lawyer. Kim Dong Wook, in his currently airing drama “My Perfect Stranger,” is gaining popularity too. 

Fans are excited about Chun Woo Hee playing the role of Lee Ro Um as a scammer since most of us have already seen her as a victim in the Netflix Korean film “Unlocked”. Now she is the one who victimized others with her tricks and no empathy. Whereas in a support role, we have Lee Yeon as Jung Da Jung, a hacker with 20 years of experience; we have seen Lee Yeon in many popular K-dramas and movies like Duty after School, Crash Landing on You, Kill Booksoon, and many more. 

With a suspenseful plot and an amazing cast, the K-drama is already in talks. Fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for its release. This article will provide you with the full information on its plot, release, and where you can watch it. 

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Delightfully Deceitful: Storyline and plot

Delightfully Deceitful follows the story of a passionate and empathetic lawyer Han Moo Young and his suspicious client Lee Ro Um. Lee Ro Um, who pretends to be innocent, is actually a hacker who owns a hefty wealth made from her tricks and tactics. She doesn’t have empathy at all contrast to the lawyer Han Moo Young.

In the teaser it shows Han Moo Young senses something off about Lee Ro Um, so he starts investigating Lee Ro Um to only find out that it’s not only her, but there’s a gang of four including Ro Um behind all the hacking and embezzling wealth undercover.

Delightfully Deceitful [Source: tvN]
A suspicious company also gets tangled in this whole drama, which is ” Navis Wellbeing”. It can be said that this company is all behind Lee Ro Um and his gang members being in hell, or the actual picture is much bigger. Meanwhile, the cast for the role of CEO of  Navis Wellbeing is yet not revealed, which pique the curiosity of the fans more. Yes, something similar to the plot of the popular K-drama “Vincenzo.”

There’s much more to this K-drama—a complete pack of action, suspense, revenge, and murder. A perfect mystery drama one can opt to start watching this summer. 

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Delightfully Deceitful Episode 1: Release Date and Time

Delightfully Deceitful [Source: tvN]
Delightfully Deceitful is a TvN Drama with a total 16 number of episodes. Each episode is given a duration of 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes. The drama is set to premiere its first episode on May 29, 2023, Monday at 8.50 PM [KST] on tvN Television channel. TvN has scheduled to release every new episode weekly, every Monday and Tuesday. However, for international fans, timings are a bit different due to longitude and latitude. We have provided a list of timings in a few countries to help you out. 

  • For viewers in the USA, May 29, 2023, Monday at 7.50 AM [EST] 
  • For viewers in Australia, May 29, 2023, Monday at 9.20 PM [ACST] 
  • For viewers in the UK, May 29, 2023, Monday at 12.50 PM [BST] 
  • For viewers in India, May 29, 2023, Monday at 5.20 PM [IST]
  • For viewers in Indonesia, May 29, 2023, Monday at 6.50 PM [WIB]
  • For viewers in the Philippines, May 29, 2023, Monday at 7.50 PM [PHT]
  • For viewers in Thailand, May 29, 2023, Monday at 6.50 PM [ICT] 
  • For viewers in Japan, May 29, 2023, Monday at 8.50 PM [JST]

Delightfully Deceitful Episode 1: Streaming Guide 

The new mystery K-drama Delightfully Deceitful is set to premiere originally on TVING tvN television channel [ Korean Television Channel]. But it’s only available in South Korea. International fans can watch on Viu with a subscription fee. However, Viu isn’t available in a few countries; they can use VPN to watch K-dramas. 

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