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I Will Knock You Episode 12: Release Date & Streaming Guide!

Thai Drama
I Will Knock You

Co-incidences can occur anywhere and at anytime. But sometimes, these constant coincidences lead from one incident to another that ends up making a whole new story for two people and even contributing to making two people fall in love hopelessly with each other. 

I Will Knock You brings the viewers of the Thai drama, one of a kind love story that is truly based on the events of co-incidences and how the fact that things are meant for you will come to you regardless. As in the case of Thi and Noey, who end up with each other regardless of the fact how much Thi avoids the situation from occurring. They never imagined in his dream that he would find himself in such a complex situation. 

The show has been of great success due to its romantic and comical themes at the same time. The show was loved, especially amongst young adults, and someone who finds Thai drama very interesting must give this show a watch. The show was launched for the season on November 18th, 2022. 

Channel 3

I Will Knock You

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A brief synopsis of the show

Thi and Noey are two very distinct and stark characters, both with a strong difference in their personality, but as they say, opposites attract, and the same happens in the case of these two characters. This is an obedient and shy college student who is working hard to get through college with great grades.

To support his education and at the same time work part-time, he starts teaching students and begins working as a part-time teacher. One day, one of his students finds himself stuck with a group of local gangsters who are troubling him. Upon knowing this, he rushes to help his student and protect the student against the gang. He confronts the whole gang single-handedly and manages to save his student. 

In this confrontation, he meets Noey for the very first time, where they both interact and part ways for only some time. Later on, they find themselves bumping into each other on many occasions which frustrates Thi and Noey. After several unplanned encounters, Noey claims that Thi likes him and hence he has been following him for so long everywhere he goes. But Thi stands his point on the contrary that he is not even interested in him.

Channel 3

I Will Knock You

But fate takes an interesting turn when Thi is hired to tutor a new student, and upon reaching the place he realizes that the new student he is supposed to teach is no one other than Noey, the guy he has been running away from for a long. In this way, Thi has no other option other than to tutor Noey, who proves to be a notorious student. 

But in the process of this, they find themselves at a more common ground, and they both start to get to know each other well and spend more time together. Their emotions start to take turns, and especially we get to see changes in the rebellious Noey, who becomes more abiding and starts changing as he falls in love. 

Channel 3

I Will Knock on You

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I Will Knock You Episode 11 Release Date

Now that the season has crossed more than half of it and only one episode is left in the season to end, the fans are indeed ecstatic to see what the finale will look like and how the season will end. Indeed the finale’s buzz will be even louder post the release of episode 11.

I will Knock You Episode 12 will air on Friday, February 3rd, 2023, with more plot twists and developments in the story that is bound to keep you bound and hooked. The show will stream at the following times.

  • 7: 30 AM Eastern Time on February 3rd, 2023
  • 6:30 AM Central Timing on February 3rd, 2023
  • 4:30 AM Pacific Timing on February 3rd, 2023
  • 6:00 PM Indian Standard Timing on February 3rd, 2023

Streaming Guide for Episode 11

To watch the episodes of I Will Knock You, the show is streamed on its original network that is Channel 3. The show is streamed weekly on the channel from every Friday to Friday. Also, viewers who wish to watch the show online can watch it on Gagaoolala App, which is a wide-ranged platform that exclusively streams LGBTQIA+ shows. 

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