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One Piece

One Piece 977 Spoilers Reveals Kaidou’s Son – What Is His Real Identity?

One Piece 977
One Piece 977

One Piece is one of the most popular anime and manga out there, and this week, One Piece gave us one of the biggest Spoilers with One Piece Manga Chapter 977. The manga is yet to release officially however the spoilers for the chapter were already released online.

As we all know, One Piece is currently in the Wano arc and we are reaching the final battle as of now, and week by week we are receiving major spoilers as well as the conclusion to unanswered One Piece questions and theories, one of which revealed the traitor among the Scabbards, that was Kanjuro.

One Piece 977 Spoilers

Now coming to the main topic, One Piece 977 Spoilers revealed one of the four Emperor, Kaidou’s Son, we are yet to get the information who exactly is Kaidou’s son and what is his real identity, but it looks like Kaidou of the Beasts really wants his son to show up to the Banquet, and he wants his son to meets, one of the other emperor, Big Mom who goes by the name Charlotte Linlin.

One Piece Manga 977

Kaidou – One Piece 977

Who is Kaidou’s Son?

The fanbase of One Piece is already speculating the identity of Kaidou’s son, and one of the theories is that it is Big Mom and Kaidou’s son. Afterall Big Mom and Kaidou were all together on the Rocks D Xebec’s ship and they only part were after the incident of God Valley were Rocks D Xebec was defeated by Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger.

Aside from that in the recent chapter, they are pushing toward Onigashima, Eustass Kidd and Monkey D. Luffy went ahead and funny thing is that Law already had an idea this would happen, so he made his plan according to that. On the other hand, Momonosuke will be arriving on Onigashima by the end of One Piece Chapter 977 or 978.

One Piece 977 spoilers

One Piece Manga 977

You can read One Piece Chapter 977 online in the English version on Viz media’s official website while supporting the creators, do not support the piracy. Raw spoilers and scans are released a few days earlier but they are all from the illegal platforms. We will update you one the chapter is released.

When is One Piece 977 release date?

One Piece 977 will be released in English on 12 April 2020.