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4 Sci-Fi TV Shows To Stream On Netflix In 2020

We all love sci-fi series and films, some like post-apocalyptic setting, some like cyberpunk and other likes some elements of both. There is something for everyone on Netflix these days. One can simply log in and start watching their favorite tv series; then, you will be hooked. Here is the list of sci-fi tv series that are available to stream on Netflix, and you can easily binge on.

1. Dark

Created by – Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese
2 seasons / 18 episodes

Dark is a german web series which is known for its accurate depiction of time travel and other sci-fi elements. The show is divided into four different timelines,1953, 1986, 2019, and 2052. It has a deep impact on one’s mind on how time travel works and the different paradoxes of time travel. It doesn’t have any over the top visual effects but has a good plot that fills in for the VFX. The acting is also top-notch. It is an edge of the seat thriller, so you can’t leave it behind. It is a worthy binge, and you will well-invest your time.

2. Stranger Things

Created by – The Duffer Brothers
3 seasons / 25 episodes

Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror series created by the duffer brothers; it is an instant hit among fans. It is certified fresh as per rotten tomatoes. It stars Millie Bobbie Brown as eleven who has psychic and telekinetic powers and can summon monsters from different dimensions. Eleven and her friend’s Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas are a team of young kids who fights monsters, so each season, they fight new monsters and solve mysteries behind that. It ha elements that are easily likable by teens and adults alike. It should definitely be on your binge list.

3. Love Death + Robots

Created by – Tim Miller
1 season / 18 episodes

Love Death + Robots is an American animated anthology series Created by Tim miller ( known for Deadpool ) and David Fincher ( known for fight club and seven ); it is re-imagining of another very famous film heavy metal. Each episode tells a different story with different characters and settings. It is one of the best animated shows of all time. My favorite episode from the show is shape-shifters, the animation and production quality is top-notch in the show. It is highly rated by critics and fans alike.

4. Rick and Morty

Created by – Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon
4 seasons / 36 episodes

Rick and Morty is a name that is popular in every household. If not, they at least even heard of the adventures of Rick and Morty. Rick and Morty is kind of re-imagining of back to the future series. Rick is the grandfather of Morty, and they go on different planets in search of different quests and adventures. The series gets constant praise from critics for its humor, originality, and creativity. You can easily binge the whole series, which is available on Netflix.

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