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Most Popular White Haired Guys In Anime

Best Anime Characters
Kakashi Hatake

Hair color in anime is typically associated with a certain trait, and white is no exception. In Japanese culture, white is synonymous with death and the occult, so we always see characters associated with white hair. In anime in general, white hair characters are typically dignified or highly trained, and often have two distinct sides of their character.

White is often synonymous with innocence, but there are some anime characters with white hair who are anything but innocent (seeing you Whitebeard.) Some of them can be very aloof, like Urd of Ah My Goddess, or as playful and kind as Mirajan of Fairy Tail. White hair is also associated with the spirit world, so you can see several mythical white-haired characters in this list, such as Inuyasha and Kurama the Fox. White hair anime characters are always clever as well, such as Close from Death Note or Captain Hitsugaya from Bleach. It doesn’t matter who your favorite anime character is with white hair

So, do you want to hear about anime guys with white hair?  Let’s start

1. Killua Zoldyck

Best Anime Characters

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter

Killua Zoldyck is the assassin of the Zoldyck family of assassins. Educated from an early age, he became bored of killing and fled to take the Hunter test, allowing him to be employed to perform Hunter missions. Given his impenetrable preparation, Killua is mischievous and immature at times, with a huge sweet tooth. But this upbringing doesn’t deter him from becoming a brutal assassin. Like many white hairy characters, Killua has a dual personality and is bloodthirsty and ruthless while at the same time enduring unimaginable pain to protect his mates.

2. Ken Kaneki

Best Anime Characters

Ken Kaneki  from Tokyo Ghoul

Okay, so Ken doesn’t have white hair at first, but it looks so cool that I can’t keep it out! Since being half-Ghoul Ken, he develops abilities above those of a regular human being but does not fully accept his Ghoul side until his torment at Yamori ‘s hands. From this point on, Ken becomes cold and merciless, particularly in battles. Typical of white hairy characters, though, he also holds some of his loving, human heart, defending everyone he cares for. It’s this hand that finally wins, taking it back from the brink of madness.

3. Jiraiya

Best Anime Characters

Jiraiya from Naruto

Jiraiya is one of the three powerful ninjas from Konoha (a village concealed in the leaves) and taught by the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi. Tsunade and Orochimaru were his two teammates. Jiraiya is first depicted as a grumpy (and pervy) old man with a slightly strange sense of humor. He mellows as the show continues, and we find him deserving of great compassion. But we also learn that he is one of the most powerful warriors in the world, capable of an epic summoning feat. He likes good looking ladies and always gets overwhelmed by their sight. He also offers the excuse why he’s doing research on his fiction. Jiraiya is the creator of the Icha Icha series that Kakashi likes to read. Among other traits, he is a toad-tamer, capable of calling mighty toads at will to assist him in combat. He has a vital role to play in teaching and educating Naruto.

4. Mizuki

Best Anime Characters

Mizuki from Kamisama Kiss

Mizuki’s hair is lightly parted clean. It has green snake-like eyes, white eyelashes, and pale lips. It is usually seen wearing traditional Japanese attire, much like Tomoe (Mizuki’s rival and a familiar fellow). Mizuki lived a very privileged life before he met Nanami Momozono, something that Tomoe scathingly points out on more than one occasion. Notwithstanding inexperience, Mizuki can be very subtle and even manipulative. He also loves Nanami in his own way, and so he is very jealous of his apparent affection for Tomoe. He attempted many times, in different ways, to make a wedge between them, without luck. He is incredibly innocent, and he is seen to exhibit a childlike curiosity and innocence about the forms and stuff of the human world. As he continues to spend time with his new god of the land and his friends, his universe has expanded, but he remains a very silly, lovable kid

5. Decim

Best Anime Characters

Decim from Death Parade

Decim is the bartender in Quindecim, where mortal beings have the opportunity to be reincarnated. Decim is an arbiter, and he takes a choice between taking citizens to the vacuum or allowing them to exist again. When he works, he’s serious and restrained, and rarely lets his emotions get the best of him. Decim’s white hair strengthens his connection with the death and the occult. Decim also has a dual personality, as in spite of his chill exterior actions, he can become ferociously defensive of others close to him.

6. Near

Best Anime Characters

Near from Death Note

In Death Note, Near is the youngest of L’s two successors raised in Wammy’s House, Watari’s Children’s Orphanage, Winchester, England, United Kingdom. Of his successors, Near is more level-headed, calmly evaluating the situation, while the other, Mello, is more volatile and swift to respond. Like L, Close displays a number of unusual habits in his everyday life. It’s usually seen hunched over, rather than sitting down. He also plays with the numerous toys he uses in his theories, as well as the idly twiddling coils of his hair. He shows immense regard for L, basing much of how he handles crime on L’s methodology, up to the point that he takes out certain crimes he’s involved in rather than attempting to find justice. Near uses the Wedding Text font “N” and “L” to represent itself and the false L, respectively. Later, however, he used the old English font “L” as the initial L did.

7. Inuyasha

Best Anime Characters


The main character, a combination of a yokai-dog and a human, a half-demon. He wields the Tessaiga, a supernatural sword made of one of his deceased father’s fangs. This blade, when properly worn, can defeat one hundred demons with a single swing, and it has more powers that are discovered as the story continues. It is also a point of hatred between Inuyasha and his brother Sesshomaru, a complete Youkai dog monster, whom Inuyasha can not wield Tessaiga and Sesshomaru. Inuyasha has a propensity for massive recovery and will heal from conditions that would be fatal to any normal human being. This ability is presumably born from his powers as a Youkai. These events lead Inuyasha to be extremely protective, always focusing on fending for himself, and never withdrawing from the battle. Despite being pessimistic, though, Inuyasha had a clear moral compass, and particularly hated those who had ostracised others. In this situation, white hair appears to symbolize the mystical qualities of Inuyasha.

8. Soul Eater Evans

Best Anime Characters

Soul Eater Evans

Soul Eater, “Soul” to his mates, is Maka’s Demon Scythe’s companion. His human nature is that of a young boy with an ever-present drool mark emanating from his lips. He behaves like a typical adolescent, and his attitude often consists of what he finds “smart.” Being a “cool” boy, he almost always uses a straightforward approach that much of the time fails. Often he’s so motivated by the thought of swallowing souls, which causes him to bicker with Maka, but in the end, they’re both friends and spouses. His way of absorbing souls is to simply consume them. He says it’s the feel, not the flavor that matters. When Dr. Stein saw his mind, he said it was “a twisted guy with a cynical soul.”

9. Toshiro Hitsugaya

Best Anime Characters

Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Hitsugaya is the Shinigami captain of Gotei 13, the Soul Society’s military branch. Disciplined and somewhat aloof, he works out his tasks to the letter, frequently being irritated at the lack of attention of others. This can be funny at times because Toshiro has the look of a boy, always voicing his desire to grow taller! Despite his evident stiffness, Toshiro has a soft spot for those he cares for, especially his childhood friend Momo Hinamori. His white hair is seldom reported on, often called “Shiro-chan,” which means snowy or white. With the innate talent of Hitsugaya, he rapidly joined the Shinigami Institute shortly after Hinamori, considering his age. She kept naming him “Shiro-chan” out of habit and felt she wanted to defend him. Because of the commitment she made, she only started to name him “Hitsugaya-Kun” after he had made his initial release from Zanpakutō and was accepted as a Shinigami. Extremely competent and experienced, he soon became the youngest captain of the Gotei 13.

10. Ginko

Best Anime Characters

Ginko from Mushishi

Ginko is working as a master of Mushi (mushishi), going from place to place to learn Mushi and helping people suffering from difficulties caused by it. Ginko is a rare individual who draws a lot of mushi. This inspires his peripatetic lifestyle; remaining in one place for too long will gather a potentially dangerous quantity of mushi. These monsters are neither good nor bad, but they will infest houses and cause a whole host of evil things to happen! In line with Japanese legend, Ginko’s hair turned white after a frightening encounter with Mushi, after which he was forced to wander in order to escape a similar fate. Ginko is calm and silent, sometimes making idle jokes, but this is a cover for his determined and concentrated character. He has an excellent understanding of Mushi, and he’s going to do whatever it takes to finish his work. He cigarettes regularly, too, to drive the mushi safe. In terms of attitude, Ginko is very calm, but it can be very intense when it comes to defending people from mushi. He most always points out that mushi is not bad, but that they just live as part of nature and attempt to thrive like any other living creature.

11. Allen Walker

Best Anime Characters

Allen Walker from D.Gray-Man

Allen is the key hero of the series. He was rejected by his biological parents because of the alleged “deformity” of his left arm (which was eventually found to have been caused by his Innocence). He was finally discovered and adopted on Christmas Day by a traveling artist named Mana Walker. Sometime later Mana died, and Allen, tormented with sorrow and abused by the Millennium Earl, turned Mana into an Akuma, believing that his beloved surrogate father will be completely revived. But the Mana Akuma cursed Allen and cut through his left eye, leaving the “Pentacle”—the symbol of the Akuma — that scars the left side of his face. This made it possible for his left eye to see the spirits stuck within the Akuma from then on. It was at that very moment that Allen’s left arm first invoked as an anti-Akuma shield, which instinctively killed the Mana Akuma. In the midst of this horrific experience, Allen’s hair turned from brown to white.

12. Tomoe

Best Anime Characters


Tomoe is acquainted with the last god of the land, Mikage. He is now acquainted with Nanami and signed their deal with a kiss. He has a great passion for cooking and is seen to be very committed to the sanctuary. Tomoe is very serious with Nanami and well aware of how fragile she is as a human being, punishing someone who hurts her or talks ill of her. It is also believed that he loves Nanami, such as committing spontaneous acts of kindness to her and refusing to kill in front of her. Plus, it’s also suggested that he often gets really jealous of other guys who stick around her. He is still very faithful to Nanami, which he proved by kissing her to cement their contract again after it had been broken.

13. Zen Wistalia

Best Anime Characters

Zen Wistalia

The Second Prince of the Kingdom of Clarines. He’s in love with Shirayuki, and he’s told his brother, Izana, that he wants to make her his wife. Zen is a brilliant swordsman who has a knack for getting out of windows instead of doors and leaping down from high points. As a young boy, Zen has built up immunity to different toxins by introducing himself to poisons at precise controlled levels, inducing convulsions, fever, and trouble walking to name a couple. These findings have been thoroughly recorded by his physicians. Be gentle, emphatic and easy-going are three characteristics that are predominant in Zen ‘s personality. On top of that, he’s still a prince who doesn’t look down on everyone and stays humble.

 13. Kakashi Hatake

Best Anime Characters

Kakashi Hatake from Naruto

Kakashi graduated from the Ninja Academy at age 5 and became a Chunin at age 6. His father, Sakumo Hatake, was dishonored by the village for sacrificing a mission to save his comrades. Kakashi lost his left eye in an effort to save Rin from an enemy ninja, and his father committed seppuku.It is not clear when or why he left ANBU, but he always wears iron guards on his gloves, a part of the ANBU uniforms. He is the leader of Team 7, the first team to understand that cooperation is more important than the rules, and the only one to go up to Genin-Status. He also has the persistent pause of Obito, mostly due to the lack of time during his repeated visits to the memorial site of Konoha, where the name of Obito is inscribed. He uses the bell drill to test his pupils, which allows the three students to get the two bells he holds on him.


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