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Preview & Recap: Heaven’s Design Team Episode 2

Heaven's Design Team

At the beginning of the Earth, God created the heavens and the earth. He followed them with light, waters, and the land. Then he created many animals that would inhabit it, or is that heaven’s design team created it. In the morning, Ueda introduces Shimoda to the department where animals are created. Shimoda is then appointed as the newly hired angel. Ueda tells him that he will be responsible for communication between the team and God.

Mizushima notice that Shimoda is the new guy, and he gets to know everyone on the team. Heaven’s design team welcomes Shimoda, who asks Ueda if God doesn’t create every single animal himself. Ueda replies that there are just too many; God outsourced their design and creation to them. Ueda reveals that they are an OEM manufacturing with customer’s branding and their client is God. Shimoda comments that it is very illuminating.

Heaven’s Design Team Episode 2 Release Date and Recap

Heaven’s Design Team  Episode 2 will be released on Thursday, 14 January  2021, at 11:30 JST. This anime is available for streaming on Crunchyroll. It will be caring every Thursday unless it takes a weekly break. Let’s see what the updates have to offer for us below.

Heaven's Design Team

Heaven’s Design Team

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Previously on Heaven’s Design Team Episode 1

Ueda tells Shimoda to be ready for the meeting, which is starting right now. The meeting started, and everyone is told that starting g from today Shimoda, a new angel, will be joining them. Chief Tsuchiya said that their first agenda item is the order from a client. They will be discussing an animal that can eat leaves that are really high up. He reveals that there is three suggestion and he is going to start with his suggestion.

He opens a holly book that showed a hologram of a flying horse known as a pegasus. Shimoda agrees that a flying animal can reach leaves anywhere, and Mizushima is surprised that the chief is showing them a horse again. Chief said that there is no problem since the horse design can be infinitely refactored. Ueda comments that Chief Tsuchiya’s best-known work is the horse, and Shimoda adds that it is a masterpiece. Ueda reveals that Chief Tsuchiya bases all of his designs on his masterpiece.

Chief asks Mizushima to show them the next suggestion, and he shows the Pin Pon Tree. Kimura asks if it is that an animal rather than a tree that grows high; it looks like a plant that gets eaten. Mizushima replied that he is not afraid of being innovative, and he endeavors to design something that is not constrained by established norms. Kimura thinks that Mizushima has gone too far, and Mizushuma reveals that the tree can grow and shrink in length at will.

Long-Necked Deer:

It can also capture prey with the balls around it, and Kanamori thinks that it is gross. She asks why he would design something like that, and it’s not beautiful. Meido comments that she likes Pin Pon Tree, and Unabara reveals that Meido has also come up with a carnivorous plant before. Ueda reveals that Meido is a designer too, and her best-known work is the poisonous frog. Chief reveals the last suggestions and show them long-necked deer that Unabara came up with.

Unabara comments that it is an animal that can eat leaves from the top of trees, and he figured out a long neck will help. The trio comments that it was simple, and Cheif said they could toss it to the engineer to see if it could work when they let it loose on Earth. Shimoda is wondering what they mean about engineers, and Ueda said that designs must pass a number of tests to make sure they will survive on Earth.

She showed Shimoda a prototype lab where they submit the design proposal to the engineer. Chief explains that the engineer makes prototypes based on their designs to see if they are viable. Shimoda said that it means there is even a mechanical department, and the lab door opens. Higuchi shows up telling Chief that she recalls telling him that they cannot make a pegasus. Chief replies that he was hoping that she could do it since it is a cool horse.

The Engineer:

Higuchi yells at Chief that the animal is too big and it will be impossible for it to fly. She reminds Chief that he keeps on doing the same thing, and she has already told him many times. Ueda tells Shimoda that Higuchi is their engineer, and Higuchi explained why that Pegasus couldn’t fly. The pegasus and Pin Pon Tree got reject, and they are only left with the long-necked deer. Higuchi reveals the deer that she has made, and when it shows up, it falls on the ground due to a long neck.

Higuchi comments that if the neck is 10meters long, they need a 1.5-ton heart. To transport the blood to the head, and that’s why it immediately collapses from lightheadedness. Uchida suggests that they can make long legs instead of the neck. Mizushima asks how it will drink water, and Kimura said that they could just balance it. Shimoda said it is right since the deer will manage to reach both leaves and water. Higuchi agrees and takes back the deer to make another prototype.

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