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Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain Episode 2 Review: A Worthwhile Experience

europe outside your tent: spain
Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain (Credits: tvN Asia)

Europe Outside Your Tent is back again with another entertaining season. In the first season, the actors traveled from Switzerland to Italy on camping road trips and made beautiful memories together. It is a tvN variety show about adventure and life. Travel variety shows are always fun, enjoyable, and engaging to watch. The cast covers less-known places and unusual facets of Spain in this new season. 

The first episode of Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain aired on the 2nd of March on the original network tvN. And the latest episode was released on the 9th of March. Season two of nine episodes trailed the journey of four actors conjoined together to unlock new experiences. It is filled with intrepidness, thrill, and excitement.  

The four members venture on this trip doing everything on their own, forgoing lodging and dining at restaurants. It will reveal the real side of the actors. Kang Gung took the role of directing the show. This program stands out from other entertaining variety travel shows since it explores nature rather than visiting tourist places.

About Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain 

Many people surely have it on their bucket lists to travel across Spain. And this season will undoubtedly be going to fortify your wish. Travel show means aesthetically pleasing sites and tempting dishes. But this show has something more to offer while making you desperate to travel to Spain.  

In this new season of Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain, four actors, Jo Jin Woong, Park Myung Hoon, Choi Won Young, and Kwon Yul, set out on a journey to Europe. This show will take us with these four actors on a tour of Spain. They have planned an unpredictable trip this time to embark on a campaign. 

They have to take care of everything themselves rather than going on the usual expeditions staying at inns, and having cuisine at restaurants. They must, instead, prepare their own meals, camp out, and drive themselves. An ideal journey that enables them to get a close-up view of Spain’s nature and culture while having unexpected things happen.  

Cast of Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain

Four actors have divided the work among themselves according to their comfort level and expertise. Choi Won Young has taken the role of a cooker and is also the only member with experience in the campaign Jo Jin Woong is in charge of driving, and the maknae of the group, Kwon Yul, took the role of handling the expenditures while traveling. The ungainly member, Park Myung Hoon, sets the mood and always cheers up others. 

cast of europe outside your tent: spain

Cast Members of Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain (Credits: tvN)

Choi Won Young

Choi Won Young is a South Korean actor. He has appeared in many fantastic dramas and movies. Some of his notable roles in K-dramas include Hwarang (2016), SKY Castle (2018), Doctor Prisoner (2019), Mystic Pop-Up Bar (2020), and Under the Queen’s Umbrella (2022). 

choi won young

Choi Won Young (Credits: SARAM Entertainment)

Jo Jin Woong 

Jo Jin Woong is a South Korean actor. There are countless movies and dramas he has worked in. But the most prominent roles of Jin Woong include The Handmaiden (2015), Signal (2016), Believer: Extended Cut (2018), Dead Man (2022), and The Devil’s Deal (2023). 

jo jin woong

Jo Jin Woong (Credits: News1)

Kwon Yul 

Kwon Yul is a South Korean actor. The most memorable roles of Kwon Yul include Let’s Eat Season 2 (2015), Bring It On, Ghost (2016), Whisper (2017), Voice Season 2 (2018), The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), and Dali and the Cocky Prince (2021). 

kwon yul

Kwon Yul (Credits: SARAM Entertainment)

Park Myung Hoon 

K-drama fans must be familiar with this actor. Myung Hoon has appeared in the Oscar-winning film Parasite (2019). His other noteworthy roles include Revolutionary Love (2017), Crash Landing On You (2019), Ssanahui Sunjeong (2021), Eve (2022), and Money Heist Korea – Joint Economic Area – Part (1 & 2). 

park myung hoon

Park Myung Hoon (Credits: Yonhap News)

Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain Episode 2 Review   

The first episode showed how they knew each other and discussed the schedule for the show. It was their first trip together to Europe. And they knew what was coming as there was a language barrier, setting up the tents by themselves, surviving in severe weather conditions, and whatnot. 

Episode two opened up as they proceeded toward Barcelona and took a close look at one of the most famous spots, Sagrada Familia cathedral. It was so beautiful, majestic, and famous that the four actors couldn’t get a ticket. And after getting tickets online, they had to wait in a long queue. Yet it was worth the wait to see the spectacle. 

As an art major, Choi Won Young was interested in the cathedral and wanted to know about every corner of the establishment. A spiritual place it was, remarked by him. The four actors, Jo Jin Woong, Park Myung Hoon, Choi Won Young, and Kwon Yul, made their way to the Pyrenees for another evening of camping after they delved into the beauty and spirituality of the cathedral.

It was one of the most famous sites for winter destinations in Barcelona. There was nothing like it that you could believe your eyes when you first saw it. On the way to the Pyrenees mountain range, something caught their eyes, Montserrat, the serrated mountain, popularly known as mountains made up of rocks. And this made their journey more memorable for them.

Their eyes were intrigued by the crystal-clear lake while they were unaware of the speed of the car traveling along the mountain’s edge. As the night fell, the four members were ready for dinner after pitching the tents. The sites they explored were not solely unforgettable for them but for the viewers as well. The next morning, they resumed their tent adventure as they prepared to tour the Ordesa National Park.

They went to the fairytale-like town, Torla, situated at the foot of the mountain, for lunch. Their journey continued but not so smoothly, with new things coming their way. Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain is an addictive show and will leave you in awe of all the scenic views. I would say vistas tan hermosas para contemplar means such beautiful sights to behold. 

The unique aspect of the show is that while Spain has been covered extensively in other programs, this one reached uncharted territory, traveled through mountainous terrain, and provided insight into small towns rather than just the country’s major cities. 

Actors who rarely appear on reality television programs but are renowned for their entertaining personalities are in high demand for travel TV shows. The unseen sides of actors are what producers are trying to find. And that’s what happened in Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain as it is a cast full of fun actors.

We also got to see them discussing their life and acting careers and that even if it’s been years since they debuted, they are learning something new also, how this trip taught them a lot and gave them new experiences and lifetime memories. 

The cinematography was so excellent that it always transported you to another universe, and you are left wanting to drop everything and head right immediately to Spain. It is a sign to watch Europe Outside Your Tent: Spain. The background music seemed perfect for the sites and panoramic views.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.6/5).

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