Andy Rourke Dies at 59: The Smiths Pays Tribute

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indie pop
The Smiths (Credits: Fortune)

80’s famous English Indie-pop band, The Smiths band’s bassist Andy Rourke is no more. Well, the group guitarist Johnny Marr confirmed it through social media by penning a heartfelt note to his friend. The Smiths was a British music band formed in 1982, consisted Andy Rourke, a bassist; Mike Joyce, a drummer; Morrissey, a vocalist; and guitarist Johnny Marr. The band has contributed many tremendous hits to the music industry.

Their songs were streaming even in the Spotify era. In 1987, The Smiths called it quits. Over the span of five years, the band’s most of their singles had reached the top 20 in UK Singles, and in the UK Albums chart, they conquered top five many of the time. Also, the band got huge fandom over the short span of years. What did happen to Andy Rourke? What’s the age of Andy Rourke?

Andy Rourke was suffering from pancreatic cancer for a long time and died at the age of 59. Johnny Marr said that it was with deep sadness that Andy Rourke passed away after a lengthy illness with pancreatic cancer. Andy would be remembered as a kind and beautiful soul by those who knew him and further noted that Andy was a supremely gifted musician from music fans and requested privacy at this sad time.

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indie pop
Andy Rourke (Credits: Entertales)

Morrissey wrote that Andy did not worry about…

Morrissey was the lead vocalist in the band after hearing the tragic news of Rourke’s death. He also paid condolences by writing that he (Andy Rourke) would never die as long his music was heard, he had never known his own power, and his plays could never be played by anyone. Morrissey further added that Andy’s distinction was so terrific and unconventional that he had proved it, Andy was a funny and happiest person, and after Smiths, he had maintained his identity without any manufactured moves. Morrissey was supposed to feel that they were valued in the end, and Andy did not worry about that.

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If we talk about the band’s achievements, they have created their own legacy in the British Music Industry. The band gave classic hits like Hand in Glove, This Charming Man, and How Soon is Now? and many more exhibited their style of classic-melody music. Their songs are ruling hearts since then and now. Apart from this achievement band existed only for five years due to internal conflicts in the bands raised to split, and the rift between Marr and Morrissey was another reason for disbanding of the Smiths.

indie pop
The Smiths (Credits: Fortune)

Andy Rourke’s Life and Career.

Andy was one of the popular bassists of that time. His work, skills, and dedication to the music were tremendous. Andy was meticulously talented with the bassline, which would highlight their every album. ‘You’ve Got Everything Now,’ ‘This Night Has Opened My Eyes.’ and many more notable songs from the band have the best basslines.

He joined the Smiths through Johnny Marr since they had known each other from school. Both were friends from the age of 11. Johnny and Andy shared the same interest in music, which got them to spend more time with each other. Earlier, when the group was formed, Andy was still then he used to play the guitar; by then, he was insisting on trying on bass, and the rest is the history.

After joining the band, he got immersive success, but that also pulled down to controversies. Andy and the band’s drummer Mike Joyce got an addiction to the drug heroin and were arrested in 1986. This led to getting fired from the band, and they replaced him with Craig Gannon. Along with Joyce, he charged the lawsuit against Marr and Morrissey over royalties and ended up settling eighty-three thousand pounds and 10% on their future royalties.

indie pop
Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke (Credits: NME)

Even after the bands broke up, Andy Rourke had worked in Morrissey’s solo performances and played as lead vocalist. Later, he joined Sinead O’ Conner and released ‘I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got’ in 1990, and with The Pretenders in 1994, he recorded ‘Last of the Independents’ and also worked the Ian Brown in 2007. From 2006 -2009 he organized a concert called Versus Cancer, which aimed to reach funds for cancer patients and research.

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At last, famous indie-pop Andy Rourke died at the age of 59 in New York City. But his songs, contribution, and achievements to the music world will be cherished for a lifetime. The Smiths are devastated, and fans mourn for the unbearable pain of losing their bandmate.  

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