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Death Parade Review: An Uncanny Watch For Mature Audience

Death Parade

Death Parade is a psychological anime that delves into a world where people end up after dying. Confused? We will explain to you. Let us first talk about how the anime still remains to stay at top of the most-watched, gore and horror. Death Parade has an interesting and thrilling premise. However, the only loophole of the anime is its second season.

The first season starts off with a promising note where the main protagonist. He is the owner of the bar takes place in the first theme. He has to help everyone play games so that it is determined whether they deserve a place in hell or in heaven. Death Parade gives you an unrealistic understanding of true human nature. There are sharp dialogues spread through the entire anime. Besides, this anime is right on point for a lot of other notes to share.

Spoiler Alert

What Happens After Death?

Death Parade

Death Parade shows you the life which happens after death. Well, technically it shall not be called life. But everyone wonders once in their lifetime. What happens after your death? Do you end up being like a hard-boiled egg while Satan cooks you in hell? Or do you end up receiving all the perks which you have accumulated as points of karma, in heaven?

Death Parade begins while showing Decim, who is the bartender or the protagonist of the show. Decim is asked to pass through souls and pity them against each other as they engage in various tournaments. There are bowling, darts, and even arcade cabinets. Each point which is scored by the people and every miss are counted for. It helps Decim to understand while they reveal their true self while fighting for the place after death. Death Parade shows the nature of human beings and how cruel we are. Even after death, humans don’t tend to hand over or leave their power to anyone.

Death Parade Is An Anime Few People Talks About

Death Parade

Besides, Death Parade is like an anime few people talk about. Ah, a man of culture it seems?

When you will first start watching this anime, you are likely to enter the mute atmosphere and built the whole show. It can be hard to understand how the show pans out. However, there are pointers to note while watching. Unlike other animes, it shows the premise of the whole show right from start. Death Parade can be called one of the biggest results of production if hard work is included. This amazing show has everything. Starting from horror to gore, suspense to bone racking thriller, it delivers all right on point. Besides, these anime have already scored the top spot on the list.

If you are a fan of the SAW franchise, we bet you will love this anime. In the SAW franchise, every single player and participant were asked to come forward and take the game. Out of every 10 participants, only one can win the match. Death Parade follows the same plot. Here, the only difference is that every victory comes with a price.

Who Is Decim?

Death Parade

Well, we have talked about Decim but who is he? He is the one person from the show you cannot forget. Death Parade brings you a list of characters whom you will notice and possibly remember the whole show. Perhaps, the director has made sure that half of the characters can make a cameo later onto the second part of the series.

Decim is the white-haired bartender of the Parade who is just here to judge. Upon entering the world after death through an elevator, every participant has to head out to Decim. He is the one to decide if you will end up your stop in the gates of heaven or hell. However, there is another woman who follows Decim as well on his journey. The black-haired woman is quite an eye-candy throughout the whole show.

So is Decim a human being?

Um…no. Decim is possibly not a human being because there are a ton of instances throughout the entire anime you will get to understand his origin. But one thing for sure, Decim is here to help you judge the true character of a person.

Throughout the anime, you might end up feeling pity for some characters. You might think that they did not deserve the hell which was chosen for them. But, it is not what the audience decides after all.

There are some mini-episodes in Death Parade which are not all high success. In one part, you will see God playing billiard with a member of the bar. Oh, how amazing is that? But only if you take a look at the scene you will find out the stupid nature it posses. The whole show is more like a decorum of everything. It revolves around various characters who are introduced and ready to be taken to their fate.

Points of Death Parade You Will Like

Art-wise, Death Parade has a major score here. The art of this anime is mind-blowing. There are fighting scenes that you can catch that will blow your mind.

Oh. If you are a fan of heavy metal music then Death Parade is a good choice for you. It comes with a ton of music you will love. Besides, the opening track of the anime is groovy.

Death Parade takes all the points right here. These amazing anime have a mind-boggling story audience will like. However, it comes with a lot of other points too. Hot protagonist? Check. Hot leads? Check. Amazing intro? Check. Death Parade is eye candy for obviously, Decim. But you will find other reasons too once you start watching.

Final Verdict

After so many points stated, you can obviously understand that Death Parade is indeed a wide, yes pass. This is a perfect anime for all action-horror lovers. If you do have much time to invest in your weekend binge plan then give this anime a try. It will crawl through your nerves, make you gasp at scenes, and obviously, it comes with a huge Easter Egg.

Death Parade

If you are a huge fan of Death Note then this anime might be the one for you.

Have you ever imagined where Light ended up after he died from misusing the Death Note? If you don’t know the answer to this, give this anime a try.

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