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How to Watch Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet Episodes Online? Streaming Guide

mythic quest raven's banquet
Ian and Poppy having meeting with their Boss

How and when did games become such an important part of people’s lives? Was it the boredom or the dependence on technology, whatever it was, it actually made the gaming industry one of the leading industries in today’s world, and you will find everyone finding their comfort zone online? 

Online gaming stations are so popular these days that everyone wants a part of them. They even started organizing competitions worldwide where people from all around the world come to play the games and win big chunks of money as well. 

Some people play online gaming as professionals, and they get paid for that. It’s just not the makers who are earning money but well, now it’s the player as well. The gaming industry got its boost in the lockdown where all the people were at home, and without jobs or work from home, so online games became the best mode of time pass.

Mythic Quest, also referred to as Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and Rob Mcelhenney created the American comedy streaming television series Raven’s Banquet for its first season and released it on 7th February 2020. After that, there was no stopping them. 

The show received the most positive reviews from the viewers, and they soon launched their second season, which was a major hit as well. People have been counting the days since the last episode of 2nd season when will the third season get released, and as the creators announced that they would premier the third season very soon, it made everyone very excited for the same.

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Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banque season 1&2: Summary 

The show starts with David hiring a new assistant called Jo, who becomes their pet of Ian and listened and does whatever he says. David gets very pissed with the whole arrangement while Poppy who wants to be a daredevil, releases a shovel to a popular game streamer, but her plans backfire. 

Brad endeavors to utilize the Covered Man to present an in-game gambling club idea to increment benefits, yet Poppy quickly affronts him and lets him know that he is certainly not a significant individual from the group.

mythic quest raven's banquet

Whole office staff gave ideas for the game

David and Poppy acknowledge that they require Brad because the only way to sustain the game is through revenue. The White Knight, the Masked Man’s son, is the second character that Ian and CW decide to create.

Pootie Shoe decides to leave playing Mythic Quest, and suddenly the company is in dire need of s streamer, so they look around, but then Poppy realizes Dana would be the perfect candidate for it, and they finalize her.

mythic quest raven's banquet

Ian fails to drive a stick car while Dana makes fun of him

While Ian feels threatened by Paul, a new programmer, Poppy explores Cold Alliance Games to see the other side. Dana starts as a streamer in her new job. The hacker is up for a fight in-game, which Ian accepts. Poppy assists Ian in preparing for it. The Masked Man, who turns out to be Pootie Shoe, is ultimately defeated by Ian.

Admits to all that Dana and Rachel confess their true feelings for each other while Poppy is still struggling with her sex dream with Ian. Dana and Rachel are struggling with how to share their new relationship status with the rest of the office. 

mythic quest raven's banquet

Dana and Rachel are having their cute moment together.

Poppy suddenly feels all her motivation and inspiration have been lost, and Ian being the gentleman, helps her work through getting her self-confidence back. But later on, they get into this huge fight, and Ian ends up hurting Poppy’s feelings by saying that she’s just been using him for her success and that she can’t reach her success without her help.

After Dana resigns from Berkeley, Rachel and Dana consider leaving David. When Dana asks Ian and Poppy to return to her job, they surprise her by saying that they will pay for her to go to school to learn to code. Ian and Poppy quit Mythic Quest and start a new business after realizing they couldn’t continue.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banque: A streaming guide

If you’re also into online gaming and looking for got comedy and gamers, show, then Mystic Quest: Raven’s Banque is the perfect show for you. But if you still don’t know where to watch it then it’s ok. 

Mystic Quest: Raven’s Banque is streaming on its official steaming partner Apple TV+. The third season is releasing very soon, on 11 February 2022.

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