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Yali Capkini Episode 18: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Watch

Yali Capkini Episode 18 preview
Yali Capkini Episode 18: Release Date

Yali Capkini episode 18’s air date is here. If you want to learn all the details that are available regarding the next episode, then you have arrived at the right spot. Let’s recap the latest episodes of Yali Capkini before coming up with Yali Capkini episode 18’s air date and streaming guide.

Seyran becomes furious when Ferit informs him how Suna hugged him at night. Despite Ferit’s assurances that he is blameless, Seyran doesn’t trust and blames him. When Seyran finds that his mom is ill, he takes his breathing apparatus with him and spends the evening with his mom.

But on the other hand, our Ferit seizes the opportunity and goes out together with Pelin. Seyran is questioning Suna about why she kissed Ferit, and in response, Kazm snaps and executes his new strategy for Suna. To protect Suna, Seyran approaches Ferit for assistance. Ferit will kidnap Suna.

We then see  Kazm is unaware that they carry out their strategy. Kazem vents his rage on Esme after discovering Suna is disappeared. Another challenging question is how Suna would enter the mansion. Suna leaves a letter and heads back to her house after feeling guilty about what occurred with Kazem.

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Yali Capkini: A Quick Recap

Next, we see that  Halis Aa learns that Suna surreptitiously departed the house in the morning when Ferit informs her of everything. Halis Aa then travels to Kazm with a fresh plan in his head. Seyran & Ferit resume their unresolved duel as Ferit brings up Halis Aa’s yearning for grandkids.

Ferit’s concerns about Seyran’s history with Yusuf persist. Yusuf accepts his invitation to their room, where he surprises him with a question. Seyran is extremely upset by Yusuf’s response to Ferit’s query and doesn’t want to see either of them.

First, who walks out together with Abidin at midnight, will encounter a disappointing discovery. Ferit seeks Orhan’s assistance to escape this situation once Halis Aa learns that she was unintentionally captured on camera by a reporter.

Seyran is the one who can assist Ferit in this situation. They persuade Kazm & Halis Aa that the picture in the paper is an old version. Taylan, who printed the images, has Ferit extremely angry and has no intentions of switching sides.

Yali Capkini Episode 18 preview

Yali Capkini’s recap still.

On the other side, as they pledged Kazm, Fakat looks after Suna and starts to train her.Ferit leaves home as a result of Halis Aa’s smack. Yusuf tells Kazm about what transpired, and when Kazm arrives at the estate, he brings Seyran & Suna home.

Pelin asks Seyran to prevent Ferit after Ferit, who sought refuge in Pelin, tells him that he’s made up his mind to leave. Ferit is not deterred by Seyran’s embracing him enough to change his course. Halis Aa, on the other side, became ill and was brought to a clinic. Seyran will also ask Halis Aa, who left the dangerous position and returned home.

Ferit, who finds it difficult to accept Seyran’s leave, goes to Kazm’s to fetch his wife. Following what Halis Aa said, Kazm is eager to abduct Seyran and bring his entire family back to Antep, but Ferit won’t allow Seyran to leave.

Yali Capkini Episode 18 preview

Yali Capkini’s recap still.

Ferit, who accompanies Seyran, does have a New Year’s resolution in mind, which will bring the entire family together. Following the New Year’s Eve dinner, the estate returns to its previous ambiance, and Ferit and Seyran are scheduled to appear on the cover of a publication. The mag’s editor is  Defne, who had a long-ago acquaintance with Orhan.

Ferit is in for a full night of unanticipated happenings. Efe Han desires to speak with Seyran about selecting a new face for his brand.  Orhan, Ferit, and fakat are irritated by Defne, the intermediate in this production. Seyran seeks advice from Kazim after becoming perplexed. He removes Serter from Pelin’s existence, but this decision has unexpected repercussions.

What is Yali Capkini episode 18’s release date?

Yali Capkini’s episode 18 release date is January 20, 2023, at around 9 pm in Turkey on Star TV. Fans from other nations would not be able to stream Yali Capkini episode 18 due to the reason disclosed below.

Yali Capkin episode 18 preview

Yali Capkini’s recap still.

Yali Capkini episode 18: Where to watch?

Yali Capkini episode 18 will air on Star TV for the Turkish natives. At the same time, fans from other nations have to wait for the makers to bring an international streaming service on board with them to make the show available for the fans worldwide with English subtitles as soon as the episodes come out in Turkey.

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