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The Boys Season 3 Might Release As Late As 2022!

Although The Boys season 3 might be off somehow, we still have a lot of stuff to get excited about. This is a superhero series on Amazon Prime Video. The third outing would have to top off some exploding heads and shock deaths, along with someone called Love Sausage. As per our surprise, there have been some interesting teases already as to what we might expect from The Boys season 3. This is literally everything that has come out even though we know that filming has not started and a release date has yet not been confirmed by the creators.

At this point, nothing much is known about The Boy’s season 3 release date. But, this fact does not mean that we have no idea about when it is going to release. Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys for Amazon Prime Video, has been vocal about all his opinions. If everything goes according to his plan, filming on the new installment will start in early 2021. The man told Collider, a fellow news media outlet, that January 2021 was earmarked as a starting point.

A still from the previous of The Boys

The Boys season 3 — Speculating release date based on the previous pattern!

Also, as per the listings on the industry union website, IATSE 83, a filming schedule for The Boys season 3 is set to begin in February and finish iff in August of 2021. Victoria Neuman has also revealed that a release date for the third season of The Boys has been decided, but she was reluctant to reveal any further information about it. Well, we should now head over and try to figure out what we can expect from this filming schedule of The Boys season 3.

If we follow the release pattern, it could be seen that The Boys season 1 started filming back in October of 2018 and then aired the show in July of 2019. This means a gap of nine months. Later, as for The Boys season 2, it was seen that the cast, as well as the crew, started filming from July of 2019, and it ran till November of 2020. Although, this time, the release date was for September of 2020. This means a gap of 10 months.

The Boys season 3 — Cast members returning for a new installment.

If everything goes as per the schedule and filming does end in August of 2021, this doesn’t look good for releasing this new outing by the end of the next year. If we follow the same release date pattern as the previous season, The Boys season 3 release date could approve in the early months of 2022. At this point, the ending of The Boys season 2 means that The Boys season 3 cast has been well shaken up.

Till now, there is literally no news yet on who is returning, although we can certainly make out speculation after everything that has happened. Character returnings should include Karl Urban reprising the role of Butcher. Jack Quaid enacting the character of Hughie. Toner Capon playing the part of Frenchie. Laz Alonso reprising the role of Mother’s Milk. Karen Fukuhara enacting the character of Kimiko.

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