Central Intelligence Filming Locations: Where Was It Filmed?

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Central Intelligence: Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart
A Still from Central Intelligence (Credits: Universal Pictures)

The American buddy action comedy, Central Intelligence, made its debut in 2016 in Los Angeles, and in 2017, it made its theatrical release in the United States of America. Since its release, the film received quite a number of mixed reviews, yet it made more than a couple of millions of dollars globally.

The film Central Intelligence follows the narrative of two high school friends who are on a run after one of them joins the CIA in order to stop a criminal from selling satellite codes and protecting the world. In high school, Calvin Joyner was selected as the student most likely to be successful.

After 20 years, he is seen to be working as an accountant. He makes an effort to get in touch with his former classmates as his high school reunion approaches. Bob Stone then gets in touch with him. He claims that in school, he went by the name Robbie Weirdicht.

Calvin recalls being teased, and as a result of a particularly cruel prank, he had to quit school. When they finally do meet, Calvin is taken aback by how much he has transformed. Bob requests Calvin’s assistance. When he answers positively, a group of guys suddenly barge into his house. The head of the CIA is searching for Stone and claims he is a rogue agent.

The CIA leaves after failing to trace Bob. Later, he approaches Calvin and explains to him that he is not a rogue agent but rather is searching for a person named Black Badger, who is attempting to trade information that could have disastrous consequences. To stop him, he requires Calvin’s assistance. But Calvin is uncertain of whom to trust.

The film is a mixture of comic elements infused with the friendly chemistry between the two friends, portrayed by Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, which is what attracts the audience to watch the film.

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The film was the brainchild of Rawson Marshall Thurber, Ike Barinholtz, and David Stassen and was directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. Other than Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, some of the other talents include Amy Ryan and Aaron Paul.

Now, let us take a look at the filming locations of the film. Although the film has shown quite a range of locations, it was comparatively shot in a few locations.

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Central Intelligence Filming Locations

The shooting or the principal photography of the film took two months to complete entire shooting process, starting on May 6, 2015, and ending on July 2015. The film was shot dominantly in Massachusetts.

Some of the locations include Boston, Middleton, Winchester, Quincy, Lynn, and Burlington. Some of the sequences were also shot in Atlanta, Georgia, but there are no updates about the exact locations of filming there.

Central Intelligence Filming Location: Massachusetts

Massachusetts, USA

Most of the sequences of the film, Central Intelligence, were shot in and around Massachusetts, as it is one of the most preferred and frequently used locations for shooting films. Winchester, Burlington, and Boston were among the various parts of Massachusetts where scenes of the film were shot.

Malden, English High School, Classical High School, Lynn
Central Intelligence Filming Locations: Classical High School (Left), Malden (Up-Right), English High School (Down-Right)

In the film, Central High School sequences were originally filmed at Lynn English High School situated at 50 Goodridge St, Lynn, MA, in the United States.

Another scene in which Bob and Calvin break into their former high school and reminisce their old memories, this scene was shot in Classical High School located at 235 O’Callaghan Way, Lynn, Massachusetts, United States. The important car chase scene in the film was shot in Malden.

A few action sequences were shot at the Sound Stage, located at Stage 4, New England Studios, 100 Studio Way, Devens, Massachusetts, USA. Other than these locations, the bar scene was shot on the Hill Tavern situated at Broadway, Somerville, MA, USA.

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Hill Tavern and Sodier and Sailors Monument
Central Intelligence Filming Locations: Hill Tavern (Left), Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Right)

In the scene where Bob and Calvin discuss about the location of the meeting of the terrorists, the scene is shot at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, located at 139 Tremont St, Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

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