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Murder Drones Season 1 Episode 3: Everything To Know

Murder Drones
Murder Drones (Credits- YouTube)

If you are into post-apocalyptic fiction, Murder Drones will surely excite you. The action-packed series has a rating of 8.1 on IMDB. It is a heated battle between Worker Drones and Murder Drones. The Australian series is created by Glitch Productions as a youtube project.

The production house has created three other animation series: Meta Runner, Sunset Paradise, and Ultra Jump Mania. However, Murder Drones has more advanced visuals than the others. Its background music complements the action scenes. All the voice actors did a fabulous job. 

Murder Drones wins hearts with its adventure, horror, and comedy. Fans think of Murder Drones as an underrated work and are keen to know the release date of Episode 3. But before that, let’s know what the series is all about. 

Murder Drones Season 1: Plot Explained

The science fiction features Workers Drones that reside on an exo-planet, Copper 9. They are created by a Galactic Corporation, JCJenson (INSPAAAACE!). Humans accidentally blast the planet’s core and cover everything with ice. As a result, Humans got extinct. Worker Drones settled down on the planet. They also developed cognitive abilities. But it was not that easy. The JCJenson group sends Disassembly Drones or Murder Drones. The job of these drones is to kill all the worker drones. They start their mission of finishing them. 

Uzi- Murder Drones

Uzi from Murder Drones (Credits: YouTube)

This creates chaos among the worker drones colony. But, a rebellious teenager, Uzi believes in killing the murder drones to protect the planet and worker drones. But, later, it was revealed that humans still exist on earth. Uzi decides to kill them all. 

 She befriends a murder drone, N, and convinces him that the company will dissemble the murder drones once their task is over. But, the murder drones attack the worker colony. Uzi saves the worker drones but leaves the colony hurt by her father’s behavior.

She and N capture another murder drone, V, and head to kill humans. But she later comes to know that there’s an advanced murder drone that can regenerate the killed drones from corpse material. Uzi’s mission gets even tougher. 

Murder Drones Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date  

The first episode of Murder drones was released on 29th October 2021. It was named ‘Pilot.’ The series lovers had to wait for a year for the next episode, Heartbeat. It aired on 18th November 2022. However, there are no official announcements for episode 3 as of now.

But it will have eight episodes in total. All these episodes will be released in 2023. According to Glitch, all the new episodes will have a gap of two to three months between them. Now, you must be wondering about where to watch the series.

Murder Drones Season 1: How to Watch

It is available on the official YouTube channel of Glitch. You can watch it for free. The interesting fact about the series is that the Australian production doesn’t have any Australian artists. It is created by the American animator Liam Vickers with American voice artists. 

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Murder Drones Season 1 Episode 3: Spoilers

Unfortunately, information about episode 3 is not available. But don’t worry because we are here with our assumptions and theories. These are based on the hints dropped in the first two episodes of the series. The third episode will be a ‘Prom’ episode. This prom is either organized in Uzi’s School, or it’s Thad’s birthday. However, it’s going to be horrifying. We are saying this because we have already seen the Absolute Solver AI in Uzi’s school.

The episode, Heartbeat, had several flashbacks at the start. Some of them will be revealed in the next episode. One of the flashbacks showed black figures directing the drones. These black figures are most probably human beings. Since all the murder drones have their memories rebooted, they can’t figure out what humans look like. These black figures or humans also introduced a new drone to the community. 

This drone is either Uzi’s mother or a new character with a pivotal role in episode 3. A worker drone, Doll may gain prominence in the Prom episode. She has a picture of V.

Doll From Murder Drones

Doll From Murder Drones (Credits- DeviantArt)

In episode 1, V brutally killed a worker drone in front of his family. In episode 2, Doll says that she watched her parents die. So, maybe Doll will seek revenge. Now, let’s talk about the acid that murder drones need to survive. Episode 3 might reveal the impact of this acid on the worker drones. In episode 2, we saw a symbol appearing in Uzi’s eye. This symbol represents the Absolute Solver.

This symbol also appeared in the eyes of the character introduced by the black figures. It is a program or virus that either kills the worker drones or turns them into murder drones. Episode 2, showing the evil side of Doll, affirms the assumption.

At the start of episode 2, pods were arriving on Copper 9. This pod will have more dangerous murder drones. Hence, we might see some new characters with new features. Hence, the battle on this planet will be a lot more violent. Due to this, Uzi may only be able to reach the earth in this season. The struggles on Earth will be shown in the next season. Creator Liam Vickers has already given hints of a new season. 

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