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Lil Meech Net Worth

Flenory Jr.
Lil Meech

Today, we are talking about Lil Meech net worth. Read on to know more about the rapper and his infamous family history. Demetrius Flenory Jr., better known as Lil Meech, is an actor and rapper. The 22-year-old is the son of Demetrius Flenory Sr., also known as the Big Meech. Senior Flenory was notorious as he was associated with the US Drug Trafficking organization called The Black Mafia Family.

Lil Meech is renowned for representing his father in the TV series ‘Black Mafia Family’ produced by 50 Cent. The series presented the reality of brothers: Big Meech and Terry Flenory and their chaotic past. Junior Flenory chose his name Lil Meech as a tribute to Senior Flenory. Besides being an actor, Lil Meech is a rapper as well. His debut single, “Bad Habits,” came out in 2019, which includes a snippet of his father. However, this year in May, Lil Meech got arrested for theft of a $250,000 watch. He was accused of not paying the exact amount of $200,000. Eventually, he was released on the same day, but he hasn’t talked about it publicly.

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What Is Lil Meech Net Worth In 2022?

Lil Meech has an estimated net worth of $3 Million in the year 2022. From 2019 to 2021, his net worth varied from about $8 Million to $10 Million. After recent events, his net worth seems to have taken a fall.

The young Meech has released several songs, including “Bad Habits”, “Paranoid”, and “Psycho.” He is also known for his album ‘Armed N Dangerous’ which came out in 2020. But he has only appeared in a total of two television series: ‘Black Mafia Family’ and ‘Euphoria‘. Another TV Series Lil Meech is supposed to be starring in is called ‘Taurus’, which is yet to release. Besides ‘Black Mafia Family’, working in ‘Euphoria’ has been his big leap. In an interview, he expressed his gratitude for being able to work with talented actresses like Zendaya and Hunter Schafer.

Lil Meech

Flenory Jr.

How Is Lil Meech’s Relationship With His Father?

Big Meech needs no introduction, thanks to his notorious past. Due to his lifestyle, he was given nicknames like “Drug Lord.” While studying in High School in the 1980s, Big Meech and his brother used to sell huge amounts of cocaine on the streets. As a result, the brothers were caught and got a sentence of imprisonment of 30 years. Big Meech is still serving his sentence and is dated to release in 2029, while his brother Terry is in home confinement due to his health issues. Did Big Meech manage to connect with his son irrespective of the distance?

Junior Flenory

Lil Meech

Big Meech and his brother were imprisoned when Lil Meech was only five years old, but that hasn’t tampered with their relationship. Whenever he talks about his father in interviews, he makes it clear how much he respects and loves his father. Even from prison, Lil Meech was taught his father’s ways of dealing with life situations. In an interview, he recalls one such of his father’s sayings: “Stop: See it, touch it, obtain it.”

He also chose to portray his father in ‘Black Mafia Family’ because of his father’s phone call from prison. Junior Meech said, This is all my dad wanted: for people to know the real story. People only know what they hear. They only go on the internet and hear the opinions of others. They don’t know the facts. My dad always wanted people to know how he became who he was, the choices he made, where he started from.”

When asked about his relationship with his dad, he replied, I had the best dad in the world.” He recalls the time when his dad was sent to imprisonment when he was just five years old. One day, my mom brought me to Detroit to go visit him, and I see him behind the glass. That’s when I knew he wasn’t coming home no more,” he said, “that’s the only time I saw my dad get emotional.” He concluded that he always had a great relationship with his dad, and they speak on the phone regularly.

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