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Who is Daniel Lee? The Designer Who Took Over Burberry

Who is Daniel Lee, The Designer Who Took Over Burberry
Fashion Designer Daniel Lee with a model

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Daniel Lee is one of the most famous names in the world of fashion design who is famous for reinventing a new minimalistic yet modern sense of fashion designs for the Italian fashion brand Bottega Veneta. This handsome English man has been in the news recently after taking over as Burberry’s new Chief Creative Officer.

Daniel previously created lots of buzz in the fashion world when he decided to exit from Bottega Veneta, A Italian Fashion Brand that grew from a lesser-known brand to one of the hottest brands in the fashion world. All thanks to Daniel’s unique sense of fashion.

To those fashion enthusiasts who love just fashion but you still don’t know his name, then let me tell you that Daniel is responsible for designing some of Bottega’s most famous fashion products like The Pouch Bag, The Cassette, and The Puddle Boots. His designs are mostly aimed at designing beautiful female fashion products that are minimalistic in nature but modern in looks. A unique blend of styles that has helped Daniel to create a name for himself in the fashion world. Today we shall be looking at Daniel Lee’s journey as a fashion designer, his achievements, and his future plans as a fashion designer.

Who Is Daniel Lee & His Journey With Bottega Veneta

Daniel Lee is an English fashion designer who is popular for working and rebuilding fashion brands like Bottega Veneta. Daniel comes from a normal working-class family. His father is a mechanic and his mother is an office worker. He graduated from Saint Martins College of Arts and Designs. After graduating he worked with some of the top leading fashion designers Donna Karan and Phoebe Philo. Working with these designers helped Daniel to gain more understanding of designing and it helped him to shape his own design style.

After that, he was appointed by Bottega Veneta to work as a creative director. Bottega a brand that is famous for its minimalistic/simplistic sense of fashion that makes logo-less fashion products needed someone who could design products that could align with the company’s vision and Daniel was perfectly suited to that criteria. Daniel’s unique sense of vision and all the experience and knowledge that he gathered by working with other top fashion designers helped him to create designs that aligned with Bottega Veneta’s vision.

Lee’s pouch Clutch design became Bottega’s fastest-selling product in the company’s history. By 2019 Bottega Veneta had become one of the top fashion brands in the world. All thanks to Daniel’s unique sense and vision for fashion.

Who is Daniel Lee

Fashion Designer Daniel Lee

Joining Burberry

After taking an exit from Bottega Veneta, Daniel took over Burberry as its new CCO (Chief Creative Officer). This is the 1st step in Burberry’s new CEO Jonathan Akeroyd’s master plan to grow and increase Burberry’s business. And choosing Daniel could prove one of the best decisions for Burberry as Daniel previously helped Bottega grow into a popular brand and his experience and skills would definitely benefit Burberry. Burberry’s CEO Jonathan Akeroyd believes in Daniel’s exceptional talent and his modern sense of fashion, and he believes Daniel’s presence would help the company to achieve its vision. Burberry has never been really successful with women’s wear and with the recent appointment of Daniel Lee in the company, the company’s future looks really bright.

Burberry’s previous designer Tisci whose street-savvy designs helped the company to get popular among young customers. But his formal wear designs for women failed in the market. Burberry’s highest source of revenue comes from its sales of leather products, its recent revenue has grown by 6%, compared to other market leaders like LVMH which had revenue growth of 20%. Compared to Burberry’s revenue growth in the past couple of years, this percentage will be considered healthy growth for Burberry.

With a visionary CEO like Jonathan Akeroyd and a talented designer like Daniel Lee, i am sure the company will head in the right direction and Daniel would be a key element in that process.

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