Who is Alton Mason? Career & Life of the Famous Model

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Alton mason at the gala
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Alton Mason set the internet on fire after wearing a bridesmaid dress at the Gala Met in 2023. It’s not the first time Alton Mason shocked the internet with his unique choice. Alton Mason is a model. He has modeled for big and luxurious brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fenty x Puma, Valentino, Tom Ford, and many more. Alton Mason also starred in the Elvis movie.

Alton’s story is not easy at first glance. He faced a lot of challenges in his career, and I will tell you everything about who Alton Mason is.

Alton Mason’s Family and His Childhood

Alton Mason was born into a celebrity family. Alton Mason’s mother, Anita Mason, was a model, and his father, Alton Mason Sr., was a basketball player. Anita and Alton have known each other since high school. Alton became a European basketball player after leaving high school, and Anita became a model.

Alton Mason and his Father
Baby Alton with his father (Credit: @altonmason/Instagram)

Alton has three siblings, and he is the elder son of Anita and Alton Mason Sr. Due to the career of his father, the family had to live in different countries. Alton Mason Sr. retired from basketball in 2013, and Anita was not happy about it and wanted a divorce. Anita and Alton also appear in the famous American Court Show Divorce Court. Where they discuss their problems and why they want to divorce. At the end of the episode, it was shown that they had solved their problems.

There is not much on the internet about what happened to Anita and Alton Mason Sr. after the show or where they are now. Anita Mason made an appearance with her son, Alton Mason, in the Harlem Fashion Row in 2019.

Alton and his mother
Alton with his mother Anita Mason (Credit: Shutterstock)

How did Alton Mason become a model?

After the retirement of his father, the Mason family moved to Arizona and settled there. Alton was inspired by Michael Jackson. He wanted to be a dancer, so he moved to Los Angeles to study at the American Musical and Dramatic Arts Academy in 2014. He then met popular choreographer Laurieann Gibson and got a chance to become a backup dancer for rapper P. Diddy at the 2015 BET Awards.

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He also dances beside Lil’ Kim, Jadakiss, and Mase. Alton was thinking that his dream was coming true and that he would be a big dancer in the future. Suddenly, things changed after an agency saw some pictures of Alton on Instagram. That agency made Alton an offer for modeling. Alton first thinks it’s a joke but soon finds out it’s real.

Alton Mason
Alton Mason Modeling for Kanye West (Credit: Vogue)

Alton first modeled for Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 show with stars like Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, and Travis Scott. It was memorable for Alton. Alton wore a long camel wool sweater and extra-large black pants in that show.

Rise of Alton Mason

In May 2017, after one year of Kanye West’s show, Alton got a chance to model for the luxurious and famous brand Gucci in Florence. He presented the Gucci Cruise collection at Milan Fashion Week. He wore a long canvas cardigan, a long plaid shirt, and retro sunglasses.

Alton Mason Modeling For Gucci
Alton Mason Presenting Gucci (Credit: Vogue)

It was a proud moment for Alton and his family. Alton’s sister and brother were very happy and proud that Alton got a chance to work for Gucci. That show turned out to be a turning point in Alton’s career. Alessandro Michele invited Alton to the Italian fashion house’s 2017 pre-fall campaign after seeing him at Milan Fashion Week.

2017 turned out to be the turning point for Alton; after 2017, he modeled for brands like Louis Vuitton, Puma, and many more. In 2018, he became the first black male model to walk in the Chanel runway show. In 2019, GQ Australia awarded Alton Model of the Year for his extraordinary work in the modeling industry.

How did Alton Mason become an actor?

Alton aimed to become a dancer first, but after coming to Hollywood, he became a model, and now he is an actor. 2019 turned out to be another lucky year for Alton. As I said, Alton won the award for Model of the Year in 2019.

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He gave an extraordinary speech at the GQ Australia Award Show that impressed Elvis film director Baz Luhrmann. Baz then talked to Alton, and soon he got a chance to act in the Elvis film. That’s it. I hope you got to know about this incredible model, Alton Mason.

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