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Talking Dead Season 10: Release Date, Cast, and Story Details

Talking Dead
Talking Dead

Walking Dead fans can also choose to watch Talking Dead. Talking dead can be regarded as a show which came after Walking Dead and also after Fear The Walking Dead. The series first appeared on the 16th of October 2011. The show features guests, crew and cast members to talk about The Walking Dead show and Fear The Walking Dead. The director of the show is Russel Norman and Corey.

Who is the host of Talking Dead?

The cast is not fixed in the show. Only Chris Hardwick appears as the host. The system is like this because the show has many guests, from actors to crew of the Walking dead and also fans. Chris was surrounded by some controversy and was suspended from his role but later everything became clear and he was able to make a comeback.

What is the Story of Talking Dead?

The discussions done on the show are about Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead shows. The conversation is about the last episodes of the show. The discussion is done with cast and crew members of the show and a lot of fun also occurs. We get to see behind the scene footage and Chris also talked about how important the show has become for him.

Season 9 was a blessing with so much to give to the fans like the two-hour starter episode. All the interesting points of the show are discussed on Talking Dead and fans get many insights about the shows.

When is Talking Dead Season 10 Release Date?

Talking Dead Season 10 will be released in October 2020.  The show was really praised by the fans and critics because Walking Dead already has a huge fan following and the show gave them an opportunity to connect with the cast and crew on a deeper level. The show’s discussions about the plot and experience of the cast are what the fans love. More news and twisted areas of the story are revealed too along with the explanation.