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Marvel’s Phase 5: The Lackluster Marvel Phase 4 Promises A Boring Future

Marvel's Phase 5
Marvel's Phase 5

Marvel is becoming boring, and we all knew it would happen sooner or later; the hype for Marvel’s Phase 5 is lower than before. So if Marvel doesn’t fix their problem, they will run out of relevance sooner or later. A lot of people were sad to see Avengers: Endgame, the reason being it was the movie after everything would change. Tony Stark died, and Captain America retired. We knew where it could have gone from there, a new generation led by Spider-Man and Dr.Strange, with many new faces joining the fray. The only series that did well in phase 4 were those two. No one else stood out as much as their predecessor or previous installment (Looking at you Thor: Love and Thunder). So what is going wrong with the company? We first need to address that.Β 

What is the buildup for Marvel’s Phase 5?

Marvel’s Phase 5 was revealed with some blank slates, meaning Marvel is no longer sure what to do in the future. It has never happened before, and this is likely the sign of things worsening. Perhaps, one of the worst things that will have a long-lasting effect on Marvel’s Phase 5 and beyond was Spider-Man. They made a deal to let go of their most iconic character, and now the best in the movie universe. No Way Home made Avengers-level records, a feat no other movie has come close to and probably never will. The movie was a subtle way of saying he is no longer canon. But after him, who took the mantle of leading the lineup? Dr. Strange? The multiverse of Madness was about Wanda and putting a patch on her TV show. Sam Raimi saved much of the story with their talents, but he can’t fix what isn’t there. A movie with a plot.

Marvel's Phase 5

CC: Marvel Studios

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How to fix Marvel’s Phase 5 before it’s too late?

So what gives? Marvel’s Phase 5 is ruined and damaged beyond repair? There can always be a way to fix things, and fans are willing to give the benefit of the doubt. But their patience is not infinite, and the only ones that can make things worse for them are the creators themselves. However, the chances of Marvel redeeming might be next to nothing. Marvel has been in the reactive Phase ever since phase 4 started. It was like that when Wonder Woman, so near the end of Phase 3. And it was even said by the former director of Marvel that the studios no longer have a concrete plan and are making decisions on the fly. Those blanks at Phase indicate they are there for just that. Not introducing new characters or revamping old stories will make things easier until they fix their basics.

Marvel's Phase 5

CC: Marvel Studios

Marvel’s Phase 5 can be saved by a new Vision ( not the character vision, artistic vision). Instead of making things to appease a small audience, they need to get their grip on what sells and what doesn’t. And for starters, announce Deadpool and Spider-Man movie, that will save theirs for next two decades.

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