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Designing Miami: Release Date & Everything We Know

Netflix brings yet another lifestyle-based reality TV show to its platform, named “Designing Miami”, a reality TV show about two lovely married couples who are also business rivals, Ray and Eilyn Jiminez both have been married for quite some time and live a healthy married life, along with that they also run their own individual interior designing firm, that aims to deliver a beautiful home with fabulous interior design, both couples deal with some of the richest clients in Miami, and aim to be one of the best interior designers in Miami and in the world.

This Netflix reality show focuses on and covers the day-to-day life of Ray and Eilyn Jiminez, the kind of challenges they face in their daily life, how they deal with some of the top high-end clients of Miami, how they overcome every challenge they face in their professional life and most importantly how do they balance their professional and personal life despite being rivals. This is going to be a really interesting show for anyone who has an interest in the field of interior design or just loves to binge reality TV shows.

Trailer Breakdown of TV Show Designing Miami

The official trailer of Designing Miami gives us a glimpse into the life of two interior designers who live in Miami and want to become the best in their field of business. But the most interesting fact about them is that both are husband and wife, and they want to start their own individual interior designing company and become successful at it.

The trailer shows us that Eilyn, wife of Ray Jiminez, already has an interior designing company, and she says in the trailer that it’s already a booming company, while Ray Jiminez wants to start an interior designing company of his own.

Designing Miami Trailer

Trailer breakdown of Designing Miami

Who is Ray Jiminez?

Ray has Bachelor’s degree in interior design, during his early career, he worked as a project manager and interior designer in a design studio, after working a couple of years, he left the firm and started doing his internship in a bigger firm “TSAO Design Group” where he gained lots of experience and knowledge, after enough of corporate experience he finally decided to quit his job and co-founded RS3 Designs with his partner Shannon.

But Ray always had this dream to start his own agency, so after working for a brief period at RS3 Designs, he quit his job and finally started his very own company, Raymond Nicholas, an interior designing firm that only delivers beautiful and quality interior designs for its client.

Who is Eilyn Jiminez?

Eilyn Jiminez wife of Ray Jiminez, an interior designer, and founder of a booming interior designing firm “Sire Design”. Eilyn’s firm is one of the hottest and in-demand interior designing firms in Miami, after designing interiors for several clients, her firm has made quite a name and reputation for itself, but Eilyn never always wanted to become an interior designer.

Instead, she always wanted to become an attorney, she pursued a course in business, but soon her interest shifted towards architecture studies, and eventually, she changed her stream later, she discovered that it was interior designing that most fascinated her, and hence she began pursuing a career in interior designing.

disigning miami netflix show

new Netflix show Designing Miami

What to Expect From TV Show Designing Miami?

Those viewers who watched Selling Sunset, or Instant Dream Home on Netflix and loved it, should definitely look forward to this reality TV show Designing Miami. This show would offer you plenty of knowledge related to interior designing and running a business, the show lead couples, Eliyn Jiminez and Ray Jiminez, will take you through a ride inside their own lives and their businesses, giving you a chance to witness how two of the top interior designers of Miami deal with wealthy clients, how demanding their job is, and they should always aim for perfection so as to please their clients.

Designing Miami Release Date and Where To Stream?

Designing Miami will be released on Netflix, it will have a total of eight episodes, and you can start streaming it on Netflix on 21 September. It’s a reality TV show and should definitely entertain all those who previously loved watching Selling Sunset or Instant Dream House on Netflix.  

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