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Futsal Boys: New Upcoming Sports Anime

The sports genre for anime has been on a high lately. People just seem to like this so much, is it because it is highly relatable? Or the characters being dorky and interesting? Or the very hype inducing and motivating storyline? We don’t know, but the one thing we know for sure is we just love sports anime! Especially ever since lockdown a ton of such anime has seen a surge in dedicated viewers. Haikyu!! is the best example for that. This anime has caused a movement around the world.

From fan bases to meetups to cosplay, there’s nothing the Haikyuu world doesn’t have. Not just that we have other stuff like Inazuma Eleven, Koruko’s Basketball, Yuri On Ice, and many more.

Futsal Boys

Now we seem to have the newest addition to our sports anime family, Futsal Boys. This is a new member no one would have expected, but it is without a doubt going to be the most interesting one yet.

This one is going to be more than anime, it’s a multimedia project by the biggest anime and video game companies of Japan. Bandai Namco Arts, Bandai Manco Entertainment are all part of this very amusing project. A mobile game is also being released alongside the anime.

Now getting to the more intricate details of the project. We have a smartphone app and an anime coming out, but that’s not all. There are going to be actual Futsal matches between the cast members that are going to go down which will, in turn, inspire the plot and the events of the game. Now that is going to be an interesting concept.


Futsal is similar to football and at the same time very much different from football. This game is played indoors on a hard court much smaller than an original football pitch. Other differences are the number of players on the court, each team will have 5 players that are including the goalkeeper.

Unlike football in this game, we can have an unlimited number of substitutions. The ball used is much smaller, harder, and bounces far less than your normal soccer ball. Futsal centers around creativity and technique, with small passes, very little spaces to move around, a lot of skill is needed for the court.


For the story, we are taken into a world where Futsal has gone through the roof in popularity among the people of the world. Almost a decade has passed ever since the game started surging in popularity and now we are shown our protagonist.

Haru Yamato is watching the under 18 world cup and is inspired when he watches a very talented player named Tokinari Tennoji. He then goes onto change his path in life and concentrates it towards Futsal, hence joining Koyo Academy’s High School Futsal team.

From there he starts his journey to achieve his dream, which is to become an amazing player known all around the Futsal world just like his idol Tennoji. After making some great friends who go on to become teammates this new team sets out to take on some big names in Futsal.

The anime and the game is set to release some time this year.

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