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Volcanic Age Chapter 218 Release Date: Cheon’s Blacksmith Quest

Volcanic Age Chapter 218: Cheon's Blacksmith Quest
Volcanic Age Chapter 218

Volcanic Age reveals the story of an ordinary man who survives the great war due to luck and becomes the Hwasan faction’s elder, but his life is full of regrets and doubts. Joo Seo Cheon met his end and returned to another world, where he was reborn in the body of a young man. We will discuss Volcanic Age Chapter 218 and other latest manga updates. The story begins after the advisor meets with the traveler and talks about Seung Gye. The advisor and the traveler chatted about the past and told him to send his regards to Seung Gye. 

The traveler realizes that Gye is doing well in the Merchant Association, and they cannot worry about him. Later at night, the citizens walk by the streets and wonder why it is always noisy. One of the citizens believes it is the Merchant King biting his gold. Cheon realizes something, and con tin used to travel alone. Chu Ryeon notices captain Joo Seo Cheon and wonders if he is okay. They talk about the reputable physicians of Hwa in the medicinal Hall. Chu Ryeon asks Cheon to talk with him while they walk. 

They arrive at the house, and Cheon notices that things have changed since he was gone. Ryeon picks a book that opens the secret passage, which leads them to a mysterious room. When they arrive in that room, Cheon wonders why it is dark, and Ryeon pulls out a brick that sends them to a working room. They find warriors working on different things, and the one showing them the job notice that Cheon has returned. Cheon realizes they are inside the Stone Chamber, and the young boy is happy to reunite with him. 

Previously on Volcanic Age Chapter 217

Cheon looks around the Stone Chamber and realizes it is in the Underground of The Shadow Golden Merchant Branch. While he reunites with the young boy, he thinks about and analyzes the Stone Chamber. Cheon thinks that the Ston Chamber is an apparatus and that everything is part of the trap. He is glad that they have prepared against the Dark Heaven Faction. Cheon walks around the Stone Chamber and realizes that the Shandong Branch is a fortress that is filled with apparatuses on a huge scale.

Volcanic Age Chapter 218: Cheon's Blacksmith Quest


He is glad about the improvements and that everything is going smoothly; even if the enemies attack, they won’t win due to how they have prepared. Cheon thought there was no problem, but the boy surprised him when he revealed the single problem.

The boy reveals that they need to create a door from cold steel, but he is the only guy who can design it. Cheon suggests using strengthened Iron instead of cold steel. The boy realizes that Cheon is not an expert in heating steel and realizes that if they use his idea, they need to make it perfect. Cheon realizes that he only knows how to make things, but they won’t last if they choose the easy way. 

The boy realizes Cheon is out of ideas and thinks about getting a skilled blacksmith. Cheon thinks about his past and realizes that he can’t remember any blacksmiths from his era. A chubby sleepy worker hears the word blacksmith and realizes he knows someone. He tells Cheon and the boy that he knows about the blacksmiths that can work with cold steel.

The boy asks if the person is skilled enough to work with them. The chubby guy realizes he knows four blacksmiths but finds it difficult to choose one. He told Cheon about two blacksmiths that were in Imperial Palace. 

Volcanic Age Chapter 218: Cheon's Blacksmith Quest

Volcanic Age Chapter

Volcanic Age Chapter 218 Release Date

Volcanic Age Chapter 218 will be released on 14 September 2022. Cheon and the boy decided to look for skilled blacksmiths. They decided to go to Hainan Island after learning they would meet with a skilled blacksmith. You can also look at Volcanic Age Chapter 218 latest updates below. 

Read Volcanic Age Chapter 218 Online – Raw Details 

You can read Volcanic Age Chapter 218 online on different websites. We have yet to find the official websites for Volcanic Age Manga, but the manga has yet to reveal its websites to readers. The next chapter of Volcanic Age reveals Cheon’s meeting with the blacksmith. Let’s meet after Volcanic Age Chapter 218 is released.

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