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Trailer and Preview: On My Block Season 4

On my block season 4

There are many shows that one can watch, and especially if we look at the target audiences, most of the shows target young adults. But there certainly are some excellent shows which have shown promisingly better and fun stories. The teenaged group is also among huge audiences, and people love watching the teenage world’s stories, being the best and struggling time for everyone. One of the shows which have amazingly held audiences for a very long time. In 2018 Netflix premiered On My Block season one with ten episodes. Teenage stories are always a delight to watch since it covers the best time of life; everybody wants to see those school days. The ones who have passed this time love the nostalgia part since one or more characters seem relevant as well as situations sometimes catch attention. The same way teenagers love the show is that it is cool for them to connect with the show’s characters. People who watched all the three-season are eagerly waiting for On My Block Season 4.

On My Block


What is On My Block? Who are the protagonists?

It is the story of the inner city of Freeridge in Los Angeles. It is the story of a teenage group. The plot is quite practical in many manners. Mons√© (Sierra Capri) is the group leader with a strong head and who’s in love with her best friend, Cesar (Diego Tinoco). Cesar is a young, intelligent kid who is forced into rough gang life, which he doesn’t deserve after his brother gets released from prison. However, he becomes more and more dangerous. And then there’s Jamal (Brett Gray), whimsical and funny; he cannot keep a secret and believes in urban legends. Ruby (Jason Genao), a math-wiz and an honest person.

A great highlight among the gang. Cesar’s brother Oscar (Julio Macias) and Jasmine (Jessica Marie Garcia), a classmate of theirs who is confident and is great to watch even with a small screen time. There are a lot of adventures, as they are a part of a gang. Their life is full of trouble, gunfights, and a crazy storyline, which makes everyone stick to see what will happen throughout and how these characters are going to survive. How is that gang going to keep each other safe and sound and also remain on guard? It is not just a straight love triangle story, which is usually a problem with most of the show with that kind of plot. The romantic subplot goes on with ups and downs. Whereas each season lefts the audience with a cliffhanger. Which seems to be the best part of this series.

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The season 4 a long wait or canceled?

Netflix always gives a gap of 4 or 5 months between the seasons, but the conditions differ. However, the maker of the show Lauren Iungerich had signed a multi-year project with Netflix, leaving us with a chance that On My Block Season 4 might be going to appear soon. It was also keeping in mind that the third season is already leaving us with a cliffhanger, which has made its fans eager to see On My Block Season 4 with uncovering the story behind all the fuss that was seen at the end of season three. What could have possibly happened? How did these characters end up being this way after the time-lapse? It’s all a mystery, yet it would be fascinating to see what has led it this way.

On my block Season 4

Longerich has already confessed in one of the interviews that she had already mapped out all the things related to this season, which is astonishing. It gives a positive sign for the upcoming release. Simultaneously, she also said that she wanted the show to have a rich and deep story embedded in it, creating more exciting plot points and revealing all those circumstances that led them to be that way. It was speculated that the show would be aired in March 2021. But pandemic had already halted production houses for an entire year, which is saddening for the fans. The production company of this series is Crazy Cat Lady Productions. Since there is the possibility that the On My Block season 4 will be on Netflix is already great news. With its season three ending in a two-year time-lapse, the show already made it clear that the gang has separated, with each member going about their own lives. It already created a strong message for the next installment. Unfortunately, there is no clear statement from Netflix or any of its associates about its release date.

On my block netflix

The show had gained huge hype and was rated high in IMDB as well as Rotten Tomatoes. There will be a season 4 and will release soon, being among the most popular show on the platform and the storyline being stuck. The shoemakers are definitely not going to risk themselves by stopping the show. There will be more to come. There will be updates soon, do check our website for more info.

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