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Addressing Joffrey’s Remarks On Rhaenyra’s Death From Game Of Thrones

Last Updated on September 28, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

With House of the Dragon taking a new turn with episode 6, fans are curious to know how Rhaenyra Targaryen dies in the end. In Game of Thrones, we can also remember King Joffrey Baratheon taking Margaery Tyrell on a tour down the crypts of King’s Landing, where the Targaryens are buried. He talked about Rhaenyra as well and how she died. Thus, let us take a quick look into what happens in the future. For all the fans who do not wish to know the ending to her life, it is safe to skip this part.

As of right now, we can see the tension rising in Westeros. Queen Allicent will not sit silently and would never want Rhaenyra to sit on the Iron Throne because that would mean a threat to her children. As for right now, she wants to manipulate the King into believing that Rhaenyra has committed treason and her children are not legitimate, instead, Ser Harwin’s bastard.

House Of The Dragon Recap

The King does not heed such rumors and is still hoping to see Rhaenyra on the throne. At this time in the 7 Kingdoms, no woman has ever sat upon the throne, and this will cause an uprising where her succession will be challenged by almost all the Westerosi knights and lords even though they bent their knees to her.

Addressing Joffrey's Remarks on Rhaenyra's death From Game of Thrones

A still of Rhaenyra Targaryan from House of The Dragon

As House of the Dragon is going by, with us seeing the worst in people and especially how Ser Larys has just orchestrated the most brutal attack on his own family, we can assure that there will be more to this action genre in the future when we witness the Dance of the Dragons. Aegon is growing up as well, and he is the King’s firstborn son, making him a claim to the Iron Throne. Although the King has not renamed his heir, it does not look like he will in the future. So how does Rhaenyra die in the books? Let us look at it deeper and understand the plot that will unfold soon enough in the show.

Addressing Joffrey’s Remarks on Rhaenyra’s death From Game of Thrones

In Game of Thrones, when Margaery is betrothed to King Joffrey, a psychic and a cruel person, he takes her down on the tour of the Targaryen crypts. Here, we see him talk about Rhaenyra Targaryen. Joffrey laughs as he describes to Margaery that Rhaenyra was killed by her brother and was fed to his dragon.

And yes, the books Fire, and Blood, confirm the fact. As it will happen in the future, Aegon, son of King Viserys and Queen Allicent, will kill Rhaenyra and feed her to his dragon, Sunfire. It is obvious that the Hightower clan wants their own to sit on the Iron Throne, and there will be so much politics in the series that soon, it will all come down to a pure battle. Joffrey talks about this civil war and how Rhaenyra dies in the end. This was a major spoiler, and you can expect more such for you guys in the future. All you have to do is keep track of the same through Otakukart.

How Did Rhaenyra Die?

When Rhaenyra finally won the battle against Aegon and killed Helena, his wife, and his sister, there was an uprising in the city of King’s Landing. In order to escape the same, Rhaenyra smuggled herself and her family back to Dragonstone. Although, one of her people gives her information to Aegon, who does not waste any time killing her. This is how our Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm tragically came to an end. Although, she dies in the true fashion of brutal Game of Thrones deaths.

Also, why did they change Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon?

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