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Where is The Old Man Filmed? Let’s Explore The Filming Locations

Where Was The Old Man Filmed
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The Old Man is a 2022 thriller TV series and this year’s top release. Here we’re going to get some details about Where was the old man filmed? You might already know about this series because it is one of the top most rated series of 2022. And above all, it is a thriller suspense tv series. Tell us about a single person who likes watching tv series but not thriller series. Well, there isn’t anyone that we know.

Knowing about the filming locations gives you an upper hand while having a discussion with your friends and mates. Once you get to know where a series or a movie was filmed, you’ll better connect with that movie. Also, it’s also possible that you may find some details about the locality of the place. So it is good to have a look at the filming location of a series and a movie before watching. So let’s just dive deep into the details of the Filming Locations of The Old Man and get the answers to the question, where was The Old Man filmed?

Where Was The Old Man Filmed? Storyline and Cast Details

The Old Man is a thriller tv series based on Thomas Perry’s novel ‘The Old Man’. Judd rea is the producer of the series. the first episode of the series was released on 16 June 2022. The Old Man is must-watch series. It has an IMDb rating of 8.5 out of 10. It has a massive rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. Jonathan E. Steinberg and Robert Levine are the directors of this series. They have outdone themselves in this series. The next episode of the series will come out on July 14th, 2022. The Old Man is streaming on FX networks.

Where Was The Old Man Filmed

Kearney Hub

The series features the story of an ex-CIA officer Dan Chase played by Jeff Bridges. Chase was living off-grid because he was run away from the CIA. Soon he was discovered and now he had to sort out his past mistakes in order to ensure his future. The series has some next-level action and thriller sequences. The series stars Jeff bridges as dan chase, John Lithgow as Harold harper, and E.J. Bonilla as Raymond Waters. They are in the lead of this series.

The plot of this series is very well-paced and it unfolds pretty well. This series is full of action and thrillers. Let’s take a look at the Filming Locations of The Old Man. The answer to the question Where was The Old Man filmed will help you connect with the series a little more.

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Where is The Old Man Filmed?

The main filming locations of The Old Man are revealed to be in England and California. The filming of this series was completed in installments. Firstly, the filming of the series happened between November 2019 and March 2022. Then again it started in August 2022 and stopped after some time. But finally, the filming of the series was completed in February 2022.

Norwich, England

Norwich, England’ is the first answer to the question Where was The Old Man Filmed? A major portion of the first season of this was filmed in Norwich. The production set up a camp in the Norfolk County of England. Some of the spots that are the main attractions are Norwich Cathedral and Norwich Castle.

Where Was The Old Man Filmed

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Los Angeles, California

The second answer to the question ‘Where was The Old Man Filmed?’ is Los Angeles, California.

Where Was The Old Man Filmed

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The crew set up a camp around Pershing Square in Downtown Los Angeles. The camp was set up there till the filming was completed.

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