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Why Dr. Strange Did Not Cut Thanos’ Hand Through Portal?

Why Dr.Strange did not cut Thanos' hand through portal?
Dr.Strange Vs Thanos

Why Dr. Strange did not cut Thanos’ hand through the portal? If he had, there would be no Avengers: Endgame, which will surely not be good for MCU and MCU fans. However, there is still a question Why did Dr. Strange not save the world when he could? The world lost its five years after the devastating effects of Avengers: Infinity War.

Dr. Strange saw 14.000.605 different outcomes still, but he decided not to disclose any one of them. Tony Stark always doubts that Dr. Strange knew the result of every action of Avengers. Was Dr. Strange capable of chopping off Thanos’ hand through his multidimensional powers? Or it’s just a thing of conspiracy theories that we have to build up in our minds.

Who is Dr. Strange, and what are his powers?

Dr. Strange is a Marvel character who is a master in the mystical arts and has some unbelievable magical superpowers. He uses his magic spells to create a shield for defense or attack. Dr. Strange has telepathic powers, which even allow him to leave his body and reach other places without the knowledge of the people present there.

Why Dr. Strange did not cut Thanos' hand through portal?

Dr. Strange gives a time stone to Thanos.

Dr. Strange has many clashes with Thanos in the MCU. He has one of the infinity stones which he gave to Thanos, saying there was no other way. Dr. Strange gave the time stone to Thanos and told Stark that there is only one outcome where the Avengers win out of millions of ways. Doesn’t it sound weird? Maybe there were some other outcomes and ways also that didn’t seem convenient for Dr. Strange.

Who is Thanos?

Thanos is one of the most powerful threats to mankind and the Avengers. The Avengers had to pay the cost of defeating Thanos with the lives of Iron Man and Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame. Although, without the Infinity stones Thanos just have his physical strength. But he becomes invulnerable once he has all the infinity stones.

Thanos doesn’t have to work hard for the time stone. As Dr. Strange gave time stone to Thanos on his own.

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Why Dr. Strange did not cut Thanos’ hand through a portal?

Since MCU is about to end Phase 4 and start with Phase 5, there is still a debate about Why Dr. Strange did not cut Thanos’ hand through the portal? In Infinity War, we saw Wong chop off the hands of Thanos’ son Cull Obsidian through the portal. Then, why did Dr. Strange not do the same with Thanos?

There could be many reasons behind that, and the top one is it was not convenient for Dr.Strange. What if he ended up in a different realm? What if Thanos was much faster and reacted before the closing of the portal leading to more dangerous outcomes?

Why Dr. Strange did not cut Thanos' hand through portal?


The second reason could be the superpowers of Thanos. Maybe the portal was not strong enough to cut the hands of Thanos. Thanos is considered the most durable character of MCU as he can withstand the punches of Hulk, so it is really hard to say if a portal can harm him in any way.

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