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Apotheosis Chapter 1053: Luo Zheng’s Punishment, Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Apotheosis Chapter 1053 Release Date
Apotheosis Chapter 1053 (Credit: Ranzai studio)

Fantasy action Chinese Manhua Apotheosis will be back with chapter 1053 very soon. Tianshou and Chunjun were engaged in an intense battle while Tianshou was focused on using his flaming golden exterminating sword. Chunjun was throwing emotion severing divine does and Chunjun noticed the emotion severing divine dou, and he wondered how it got there.

He was contemplating if the path was already open in God’s domain. Tianshou was thinking he was just a mere great perfectionist, and the sword strike just then was probably his limit. As long as he attacks again, he will definitely die. Chunjun did not expect him to be able to withstand his attack. Someone warns Tianshou to be careful; he was getting annoyed.

How was that possible because, as a sub-saint, he could only swing the flaming golden exterminating sword three times. But at the same time, he can swing so many swords in a row that he is wondering if the guy is just a perfectionist and how he could be as strong as a saint. Let’s find out the release date of Apotheosis chapter 1053 and where you can read chapter 1053 online. But let’s begin with a short recap of the previous chapter so you can continue reading the upcoming chapter 1053 without any confusion.

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Apotheosis Chapter 1052 Recap

In the previous chapter, the old man was scared that if DongFang Chunjun got to know about his identity, it would create a disaster for him. So he figured out the safest way to kill Luo Zheng as quickly as possible to eliminate future troubles. He finds Chunjun in plain despair and informs him that his son and daughter are in trouble, so he has to go and save them.

Old man was in despair because Luo Zheng knew too much, but if he were in control of the alliance, he would have valued his talent. Chunjun tells the old man he can go but warns him to be careful since the kid is not simple in his eyes in any way. Tianshou tells Chunjun he is quite something because he can cut off his arm, but he challenges him that he can do anything and warns him that he is not easy to deal with. Tianshou comes up with a golden solidifying sword, while Chunjun tries to sneak an attack.

Apotheosis Chapter 1053 Release Date

Apotheosis Chapter 1053 Stills (Credit: Ranzai studio)

The other members were ready to accept defeat because they could not dodge it even if they were putting in their best efforts. They spot Han Qingdi and thank him for saving his life, but Saint Han tells him he was not trying to save him. Tianshou asks him what that means, and Saint Han explains that he was afraid that Luo Zheng was not finished cleanly.

It would be troublesome if they managed to escape with a strand of their souls. Luo Zheng tells Saint Han that he knew Saint Han would come to rescue Chunjun. He reminds him, however, that Chunjun is his enemy, so he will take his life sooner or later. But she asks him not to sacrifice his own daughter’s life for revenge.

Apotheosis Chapter 1053 Release Date And Time

Currently, Apotheosis does not follow a fixed schedule, so we are not sure when will chapter 1053 will be out. But according to our calculations, the estimated release date for Apotheosis chapter 1053 is Wednesday 15 March 2023. Please note that this is just an estimated date and can vary from the actual release date for Apotheosis chapter 1053. The international schedule for Apotheosis chapter 1053 is as follows:

  • 4:00 pm EST (USA) on 15 March 2023
  • 4:00 pm NT (Canada) on 15 March 2023
  • 2:30 am IST (India) on 16 March 2023
  • 8:00 am AEST (Australia) on 16 March 2023
  • 5:00 am PHT (Philippines) on 16 March 2023
  • 6:00 am JST (Japan) on 16 March 2023
  • 6:00 am KST (South Korea) on 16 March 2023

Where To Read Apotheosis Chapter 1053

You can read Apotheosis chapter 1053 on baozimh; the manhua series has not been translated into English yet, so you cannot read Apotheosis chapter 1053 on any official reading platforms yet. Hopefully, in the future, we might receive news about Apotheosis getting licensed in English, so we will notify you regarding the same. Until then, you have to wait. You can read another amazing manhua that is licensed in English, and you can find more of your choice by going through our website.

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