Billie Lourd Net Worth

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Billie Lourd Net Worth
Billie Lourd Net Worth (Image Credit: CAKnowledge)

One of the popular American actresses, Billie Lourd, has established her name in the entertainment industry. Moreover, she is the only daughter of American talent agent Bryan Lourd and American writer and actress Carrie Fisher. Similarly, she is the only grandchild of American actor and singer Eddie Fisher and American businesswoman, singer, and actor Debbie Reynolds.

You must have seen the beautiful 30-year-old actress Billie in the television shows such as Scream Queens, American Horror Story: Apocalypse and NYC, and Will & Grace. She has also appeared in the movies such as the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, Ticket To Paradise, Booksmart, Billionaire Boys Club, And Mrs.

Meryl Streep, the best actress of her era, gets considered godmother by Billie. She got a self-designed degree in art and business before hunting for roles and taking acting classes. She is a social media influencer with a huge fan following. The same gets used by many brands to advertise their own brand image. In 2017, she established ‘Bellerist,’ her book club, on her Instagram account.

Eddie Fisher mentioned his grandaughter’s name as ‘Catherine Fisher Lourd’ with her nickname ‘Billy’ in his autobiography, ‘Been There Done That.’

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Billie Lourd’s Net Worth

Billie Lourd’s net worth is $25 million. Billie’s mother, Carrie Fisher, died of a heart attack in 2017, and she was 60 at that time. Her net worth was $23 million in 2022, $21 million in 2021, $19 million in 2020, $17 million in 2019, and $15 million in 2018. Her annual salary gets estimated to be $2 million.

Most of her income comes from her movies and television shows. On the other hand, brand endorsements and promotions act as her secondary source of income. Billie, the sole inheritor of Carrie’s property according to her living trust, inherited the estate of $25 million from her mother. Carrie thought that the previous attorney took care of all her assets though he did not.

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Billie Lourd With Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds
Billie Lourd With Carrie Fisher And Debbie Reynolds (Image Credit: TODAY)

The current attorney appealed to the court on 28 February to take Carrie’s non-trust assets under the trust and dropped the idea later. However, the non-trust assets will still go to Billie. She knew about her mother’s mental illness and drug addiction. Thus, Carrie used to show her disgrace about these things openly.

Accordingly, Billie inherited a life insurance policy, jewelry, $7 million, a Tesla S car worth $100,000, copyrights and trademarks related to her mother’s books, ownership of Carrie Fisher Online and Carrie Fisher Properties, and Carrie’s bank accounts.

However, some personal goods and Star Wars Memorabilia owned by Carrie did not get inherited by Billie. Instead, they got auctioned in 2017, and the money obtained from the auction went to ‘The Thalians and ‘The Jet Foundation.’ The former raises funds for mental health causes and the latter for those going through a cancer diagnosis.

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Inherited House

Billie got split with her ‘Scream Queens’ co-star, Taylor Lautner, and got engaged to Rydell in 2020. They had a son in the same year and got married in March 2022. Coming to the topic, Billie will get the sale proceeds if the Beverly Hills house shared by Eddie and Debbie gets sold. It costs $18 million. However, it is not confirmed whether Billie will stay there with her family.

Carrie's House Inherited By Billie
Carrie’s House Inherited By Billie (Image Credit: Fantha Tracks)

Billie has renovated her mother’s and grandmother’s houses into a full-house estates because they are separate properties located beside each other. So, the two used to live next to each other for 15 years. Billie wants the houses to be more cohesive because she grew up in her mother’s house and spent a notable period at her grandma’s place.

The Scream Queens actress, Billie, has preserved Carrie’s decorative touches, including the Star Wars Christmas Tree. Similarly, her social media profile picture contains stained glass art. She can spend her entire life in luxury, but she wants to get out and enjoy. Accordingly, she spends on her family, acting, traveling, and looking after the two properties. She sold her house located in Los Angeles for $2.8 million, which she had bought for $2.7 million.

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Billie has worked for famous producers and directors, though she had a short career to date. In that case, she has stepped back from the limelight due to her pregnancy. She has two children, a son born in 2020 and a daughter in 2022. However, her talent may pull her back into her acting career soon.

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