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Black Clover Chapter 333 Release Date: Wizard King Makes His Move!

Black Clover Chapter 333 Release Date Details
Black Clover Chapter 333 Release Date Details

Black Cover is back after the hiatus of three months with Black Clover Chapter 332 and it seems like we are going to be diving into action right away. Black Clover Chapter 333 is going to be the next chapter of the series, and naturally, it will be back next in the shonen’s jump 36th issue of 2022. Before going on a break, Black Cover’s author Yuki Tabata sensei, said that Black Cover would be back after three months with the final arc. After revealing the identity of the Wizard King, Black Clover left the fans speechless. The most anticipated chapter of the series, Black Clover Chapter 332, started with ceremonies and ended on a cliffhanger.

We thought it will be a while before the Wizard King of the clover kingdom makes his move and will be in shadow for a while. However, with the time skipped in the series, the final enemy makes its appearance and presents himself in front of Asta. This has gotten the Black Clover fandom as to what will happen in the Black Clover Chapter 333.

Well, we cannot say what will happen for sure, but the least we can do is theorize about it. So for this post, besides discussing the events for Black Clover Chapter 333, Otakukart will also give information like its release date and where you can read Black Clover Chapter 333 for free. However, let’s take a quick recap from the last chapter of Black Clover Chapter 332 and jog our memories. Here, we bring you the latest Black Clover series updates.

Black Clover Chapter 332 Color Spread

Black Clover Chapter 332 Color Spread

Black Clover Chapter 332 Recap

After the fight, Lucius appears in front of wounded Lucifero and eats his heart, declaring that humans are superior in using magic. A time skip of a year and three months later, Asta is being promoted to Senior Magic Knight, First Class. In front of every captain, Asta is being promoted. At the same time, Yuno had been already promoted to Grand Magic Knight. Due to complications of many things, Asta’s promotion was on hold, and he wasn’t granted the same title as Yuno.

Fuegoleon, Nozel, and Mereoleona are the nominees to become the next Wizard King but everyone rejected it due to various reasons. Meanwhile, Yami is perplexed about Charlotte who is in love with him. Asta decides to propose to Sister Lily to marry him. However, she says no and tells him that he is like a small brother to her. He asks her to witness him becoming the Wizard King. Julius appears in front of Asta, and congrats him on making it this far.

Black Clover Chapter 332 Recap

Asta Proposing Sister Lily

What to expect from Black Clover Chapter 333?

As mentioned earlier, no one was expecting the Wizard King could be a devil himself, let alone him being the last and major villain hiding in the shadow until the end. Will we get to know Julius, to be more specific, Lucius’ intention in Black Clover Chapter 333? It will be really interesting to know his exact motive and how he plans to initiate things. Since he presented himself in front of Asta as Lucius, we can expect Asta to be a key behind Lucius’ plan.

The least we can expect from Black Clover Chapter 333 is the reaction of Asta and the others to Julius’ big reveal. And why did he wait for a year and three months to reveal himself, and why in front of Asta only? He congratulated Asta for making it this far, but this was the end. Asta will be in disbelief, just as we were three months ago. The raw scans and spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 333 aren’t out yet. They generally surface before 2-3 days of the chapter’s release. Come back on Friday the 5th of August. We will either update this section or make a new article regarding Black Clover Chapter 333 raw scans and spoilers. Check out the release date for Black Clover Chapter 333 below.

Black Clover Chapter 333 Expectations

What Will Lucius Do?

Black Clover Chapter 333 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 332 just returned from a hiatus of three months. We should not be worried about the next chapters of Black Clover being on break for a while. Not at least for 2-3 consecutive Black Clover New Chapters releases. Since Black Clover is not on break next week, Black Clover Chapter 333 is scheduled to release in shonen jump’s 36th issue on Sunday, the 7th of August, 2022. New chapters of One Piece, Black Clover, and My Hero Academia will be released every new Sunday to narrate their final saga unless a break is announced otherwise.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 333?

Once released, Black Clover Chapter 333 will be free to read on various platforms like vizmedia, mangaplus, and Shonen Jump’s official application. You can read the first three and the latest chapter for free. However, you will pay a minimum subscription fee to the aforementioned websites to read the entire catalog and other hundreds of Manga.

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