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Monster #8 Chapter 80: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Monster #8 release date
Monster #8

Monster #8 chapter 80 will continue from where it stopped in the last chapter, that is, the ongoing battle between the monsters and the Defence Force. The monsters have strategically divided the Defence Force so that they do not have their strength in numbers anymore.

It was figured out that the monsters were not destroying any essential human facilities which everyone thought they were after when the fight initially began. Most of the Defence Force is fighting a one-on-one battle with each monster who started appearing at different locations. The monsters also had a fortitude of more than 9.

Without enough personnel to be sent as backups by headquarters, the Defence Force has an immense task in front of them. The last chapter mainly focussed on Kikoru fighting a powerful Monster all by herself and chapter 80 will show if she survives the battle and ends up defeating the monster or if she perishes.

Monster #8 is written by Naoya Matsumoto who also did the illustrations. The serialization of this manga is done on the Shonen Jump+ website and app. Monster #8 is of the science fiction and action genre and a treat to read for the young and the old. 

The release date for chapter 80 is out but before that, here is a short synopsis of the story. Dangerous monsters began terrorizing Japan for many years. So, in order to fight against them, Japan formed a military unit called the Defence Force which consisted of elite and super skilled soldiers and state-of-the-art weaponry.

There is also a unit for cleaning p after the mess of the battles and clearing the monster remains. This unit is called Monster Sweeper Inc. and our protagonist, Kafka Hibino was a part of it. But Kafka always nursed the sweet dream of joining the Defence Force, but he never could pass the examination.

He tried to be satisfied with his current job until one day, he got another chance. A mysterious monster enters Kafka’s body through his mouth turning him into a half-monster. Now, equipped with superpowers, he gives becoming a soldier at the Defence Force another go.

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Monster #8 Chapter 79 Recap

The chapter starts with Kikoru’s fight against monster #9. Headquarters seem to lose all hope as the monster seemed to gain the upper hand against Kikoru. The guy at headquarters seemed intent on helping her as he couldn’t save Kikoru’s father. He couldn’t let Kikoru die too.

Monster #8 release date

Monster #8

The Director General orders the men to lower the headquarters’ defense level by two degrees and send reinforcements. But Kikoru tells them to wait as she feels that she is very close to defeating the monster. Everyone at headquarters realizes that Kikoru’s combat power level is at 88%.

Kikoru feels sure that she is going to catch up to her mother. They understand that she is seeing Hikari’s ghost. They go to a flashback where she is telling that she can see her mother when equipped with Numbers Weapon 4. It was a rare phenomenon and the reason for it is not yet known.

Kikoru has never been able to catch up to her mother as her mother was always the better fighter. But now she feels that she is extremely close to surpassing her mother. She got an advantage against the monster but the monster simply told Kikoru to not let one fluke g to her head. Kikoru decides then and there that she was going to surpass her mother once and for all.

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Monster #8 Chapter 80: Release Date

The release pattern for Monster #8 is every alternating Thursday. There have been no delays in the release of the chapters and so Monster #8 Chapter 80 release date is on Thursday, February 16, 2023.

The spoilers for the next chapter are not out yet but we can expect to see some Kikoru action against the monster. We will see if she survives the battle and we can also see her surpassing her mother.

Where To Read Monster #8 Chapter 80?

You can read Monster#8 chapter 80 on Viz Media and Manga Plus. The previous chapter can be read from these sites as well. In Viz, you will have to join in order to read some chapters. All the chapters can be read for free on the Manga Plus app.

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