Are Sammy Sosa and Edmundo Sosa Related? Are The Baseball Players Related?

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Edmundo Sosa and Sammy Sosa
Edmundo Sosa and Sammy Sosa (Source: Getty Images)

Here we are back with another “Are they related?” article! Today we will discuss two notable Major League Baseball players who have enchanted their fans with their moves and play on the field. There are indeed some controversies revolving around them too because famous people have it, don’t they?

We will not be putting our attention on that, though, and going forward, talk about how these players aided in bringing the limelight back on the game. These controversies did not in any way overlap with what they did, and the players still received an exceeding amount of love from their fans at all moments.

Today we will be discussing whether Edmundo Sosa and Sammy Sosa are related to one another or not. This can be seen as yet another case where people speculate that two people are related because they share a similar surname, but that is a fair case of judgment because there is indeed not a lot of information available out there about these people and their personal lives while their contributions shine high. Before getting into their potential blood relation, though, let’s see why they are famous.

First we have Edmundo Sosa. Edmundo is a Panamanian player who came to America in the year of 2014 to make a name for himself and a representative of his country. He now plays for the Major League Baseball (MLP) Team Philadelphia Phillies.

It was not an easy route getting to where he is today; he had to pass through various hoops and a season ruined by an injury, which he thankfully could fight and come out of. Born on the 6th of March in 1996 in Panama country in Central America, he was signed as an international free agent with St.Louis Cardinals in July of 2012 when he was only sixteen years old. 

Edmundo Sosa
Edmundo Sosa on the field (Source: The Cardinal Nation)

He worked his way through different teams, such as Dominican Summer League Cardinals, with whom he made his professional debut. Then the Johnson City Cardinals, Peoira Chief Cardinals, Palm Beach Cardinals, and finally, the Philadelphia Phillies, where he was traded by the Cardinals. Edmundo showed splendid performance throughout, making home runs and batting runs. Currently, he is at the position of shortstop, abbreviated as SS, considered to be one of the toughest defensive positions between two bases. 

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Next, we have Sammy Sosa. Sammy Sosa’s original name is Samuel Sosa; he comes from the Dominican Republic, which is a Caribbean Country where he was born and raised. He played a lot of seasons with the Chicago Cubs and is known to have been in his best shape with them, making better runs and playing better than anytime else; he was also a part of the Texas Rangers and the Chicago White Sox.

Sammy was born on the 12th of November 1968 in San Pedro de Macorís of the Dominican Republic. Texas Rangers were the first to sign him, at the age of 17 years old, and it was with them that he also had his debut four years. Though he was soon traded to the Chicago White Sox, Sammy wasn’t able to perform well during that time and was sent to Chicago Cubs, where his career peaked.

Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa on the field (Source: Getty Images)

He played with the Cubs for nineteen seasons, made loads of runs, and also became the first player to hit 30 home runs and bases in just one season. Mal McGuire and Sammy are known to have engaged in a friendly competition too, which both of them are quite famous for. Mal McGuire and Sammy Sosa were bent on breaking Roger Maris’s homerun record and were almost neck to neck in doing so, but Mal hit it first with 70 home runs, and Sammy finished his career with a record of 66.

Sammy’s patience on the field and style of playing was seen to improve as the years started adding to the calendar, but o did the controversies surrounding him. He ended with a bang, though, completing 600 home runs and going off the radar. Never forgotten by baseball lovers, despite the rumors of him taking steroids and proving positive for so in 2009. 

Are Sammy Sosa and Edmundo Sosa related? 

Coming to what you have likely come here for. The answer is NO. They are not related. It might seem so, seeing how they are both splendid players with similar surnames; a lot of people theorized that the two of them might have a blood relationship between them, like being brothers.

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But that is absolutely not the case here. They do not share any relatives. We come to this conclusion because even though both of them might have a Portuguese and Spanish linkage, their families cannot be seen to link at any point. Sammy Sosa is known to have cousins Merqui Sosa while Edmundo Sosa is known to have no siblings or immediate cousins. 

Sammy Sosa Jr
Sammy, along with his son Sammy Jr. Sosa (Source: Sports Illustrated, Twitter)

Sammy was born in the year 1968 to parents Lucrecia Sosa and Juan Montero in the Dominic republic. Life for Sammy wasn’t easy growing up, his father was a farmer and died when he was only seven years old, and he had to work various odd jobs to keep serving, and his mother was the only one left who supported and strived with him. He would play basketball using a ragged milk carton for a glove and wished he could grow up to be someone better and not only fulfill his dreams but also provide his family with a better lifestyle. He was able to fulfill and work on his dreams as he began playing professionally for the Texas Rangers. 

This man, who was considered to be one of the most handsome Baseball players during his time, also went on to get married twice. He was first married to Karen Bright in the year 1990, but they got divorced only a year later. He then went on to marry Sonia Rodriguez, a dancer, and former child actor, to who he is currently married.

They also have six children together, and their children’s names are Kenia, Kalexy, Ronaldo, Keysha, Michael, and Sammy Jr. One of Sammy’s sons Sammy Jr. on to try out for the baseball game and even had a promising future ahead of him, but the continuous snide remarks by people calling him a ‘steroid baby’ made him drop his dreams. 

Edmundo Sosa
Edmundo Sosa and his mother (Source: Instagram)          

Edmundo Sosa was born in the year 1996 in Panomia City to a couple. Not a lot is known about his family or his parents. But it is kind of assumed that Edmundo developed an interest in the game of Basketball over time as he played it with his father during an event and went on to practice it professionally. He went on to play professionally and made his debut when he was in his early 20s and is doing a commendable job playing on the field right.

His family is known to come to his games along with his family to cheer on him, and is seen as a constant support for him. He is part of a very small population of people from his country who made it to the MLP, and he reminds himself of it every day as he goes on the field to play.

Edmundo is also seen constantly posting on social media with his mother; his father is not seen in his pictures and can thus be assumed to be an extremely private individual. Edmundo married his current wife, Daira Vega, in 2019, and both of them also have a daughter together named Naya Kaela. She was born in 2021 and recently turned two, photos of which were posted by Edmundo on his social media account. 

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Hence, there is no blood relation between the two, but they definitely share a Baseball relationship that ties them to one another. All the best wishes to Edmundo for his future games and endeavors also wish Sammy keeps doing well in his business and expands it to new heights every day.

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