Manga Like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ You’ll Be Hooked To

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spider so what?

Manga Like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ are becoming popular these days. These have a huge fan following and extravagant demand. ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ is basically an adventure Isekai. Fans love Isekai because they can relate to the protagonist. They feel they are transported to another dimension/ world along with the protagonist. The thought of leaving the world and starting a whole new life in another dimension itself is too tempting. Another reason is the genre revolves around gaming. Many protagonists in Isekais are gamers. Hence, they’re appreciated by the gamer otaku community.

‘So I’m A Spider, So What?’ as a Light Novel was written by Okina Baba and illustrated by Tsukasa Kiryu. The story involves a mysterious explosion. A magic spell misfires. It is because of a battle between demon lord and the Hero. As a result, a whole high school class gets killed. However, each one of them ends up entering another dimension. Some reincarnate as royalty or other influential people. While some as  animals. The protagonist, reincarnates as a spider named Kumoko. Strolling through a dungeon, she comes across various vicious beasts. With absolutely no other power at her disposal. She beats them with  sheer positivity and human knowledge. Here’s a list of Mangas like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ which will keep you hooked:

1. Re Monster

Re Monster is a popular Manga like ‘So I’m a Spider So What?’. Tomokui Kanata reincarnates as the weakest Goblin. His name is Guborou. He was stabbed to death by Kirimine Aoi,  childhood friend who became his stalker. He remembers his old memories. He had an ability called ‘Esper’ during his human life. After reincarnation, the ability remained in him. Moreover, he gains powers with eating and hence turns into a food hogging beast. As a goblin, he realizes he lived his past life with a lot of regrets and doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes. Therefore, he makes sure to live his current life to the fullest and survive.

Tomukui Kanata
Re Monster

Both the anime feature a weak protagonist reincarnating into another world. Moreover, both of them retain memories and abilities from their previous lives. Additionally, there is strong character development of the protagonists. They get stronger as the story advances. As a character, both Rou and Kumoko can adapt to any situation as the need of the hour demands. Meanwhile, they’re both seen honing their survival skills. As you delve deeper into the manga, you’ll find more and more similarities between the two.

 2. Reincarnated As A Dragon Hatchling

This manga, like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ features an unnamed protagonist reincarnated into a strange forest. This world is full of scary beasts. He is born at the very bottom of the food chain. Reincarnated as an egg, the protagonist has to struggle for its survival. He has to escape wild beasts who look forward to eat him. However, just like a game, he is equipped with a strange ability. He can check the enemies’ powers and use them to his own advantage. Despite being a small egg, he wants to be the strongest creature in the world. To keep moving forward, a voice in his head keeps telling him to aim for the top.

That time i got reincarnated as a slime
Reincarnated as a Dragon Hatchling


Initially, both the protagonists are stressed and scared about reincarnated into another world. They both switch into creatures not so strong. Also, they face and fight creatures much more stronger than them. However, they both are hopeful. What’s more, they both set up long-term goals for themselves. They realize that in order to survive, they have to get stronger.  Their personalities develop manifold after their reincarnation. This manga is like So I’m A Spider So What?’ in’ more ways you can imagine. Additionally, the background set is game like worlds where the character upgrades.

3. That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime

The protagonist, Satoru Mikami, is a 37 year old corporate worker in Tokyo. That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime has a plotline like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ in many ways. An assailant stabs Satoru out of nowhere. After regaining consciousness, he discovers he is reincarnated as slime. He gains an ability in this new world. It is called ‘the predator’. He encounters a caged storm dragon, ‘Veldora’. In order to free the dragon, he consumes it and ends up becoming the leader of all things. He is now named ‘Rimuru’. Rimuru initially is a blue bodied slime. However, it turns silver with golden streak after consuming Veldora.

The manga being similar to So I’m A Spider So What?’ has an introverted protagonist before reincarnation. However, they both are kind-hearted and quirky. They work very diligently to achieve their goals.  Both the storylines demand them to come across dragons and fight them. They develop strong allies as the story proceeds further. Also, they’re willing to put their lives on the line to protect people close to them. The Manga also features them eating other beings in order to power up. Also, their powers are mostly magical, which evolves them. These similarities make the story a lot like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’

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4. Her Majesty’s Swarm

The plot revolves around spiders. That makes this manga more or less like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ The protagonist is obsessed with the game ‘Arachnea’. It is about a spider-like race who want nothing but victory. The more they accomplish, the larger they grow in size. They feed on their enemies to multiply and grow. The protagonist finds herself reincarnated into a younger woman’s body. She is surrounded by Arachnea. They address her as “Her Majesty”.  To fulfill the Archnea’s desire for victory, she leads them and destroys everything and everyone vile.

Her Majesty's Swarm
Her Majesty’s Swarm

Both the Mangas feature a female protagonist transported to another world. They both are, in a way, related to spiders. What’s more, they have the ability to lead others. Other creatures listen to them.  Additionally, the protagonists are shown solving bigger mysteries. These are mostly the grounds that make this intriguing manga similar to So I’m A Spider So What?’

5. Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon

This Manga  is like So I’m A Spider So What?’ in some aspects.  The city of Orario is home to several Gods. These Gods Restrict their powers to go through the hardships faced by the commonfolk. Each God has a retinue of adventurers and support personnel belonging to Familia. Familia is common folk of the city. They explore the Dungeons. They defeat monsters there and collect crystal shards in order to power up. By defeating more monsters, an adventurer unlocks more abilities and levels up. The story revolves around Bell Cranel. He is a 14 years old rookie adventurer. He is once saved from a monster by Ais Wallenstein. Since then, he looks up to her and has romantic feelings for her.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon
Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon

Both the Mangas feature a role-playing game-like setting. The protagonist upgrades its level and unlocks more abilities as the story proceeds. Also, the level tends to get more difficult with time. Additionally, both the protagonists come across strange creatures they are required to defeat. Also, Both Bell and Kumoko wish to make a name for themselves. These similarities make this Manga somewhat like So I’m A Spider So What?’.

6. The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?

Shingo Ichinomiya, the protagonist, was a single company worker. He sleeps and gets transported to a fantasy world.  Reincarnated in a 6-year-old boy’s body, he is confused. He is Wendelin von Benno Baumeister. The eighth son of the noble Baumeister’s family. His elder brother is most likely to inherit the family possessions. Taken back by getting nothing in succession, he strolls through his father’s library. There, he happens to activate a magic orb, learning he can perform magic. Alfred, a former court wizard, senses his magic. He decides to teach him all that he knows. Wendelin becomes a skilled swordsman and a mage. However, he invites a lot of trouble from his family during the process.

The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?
The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?

The protagonists happen to be similar on so many grounds. They both wake up in a fantasy world, giving up their previous bodies. They are reincarnated in new bodies. Both the protagonists embark a journey attain a dream and become stronger. As the storyline proceeds, they both seem to get more comfortable with the situations. They happen to adjust to their new bodies quite skilfully as well. Additionally, The Mangas have an element of magic attached to them. These similarities make the manga more like So I’m A Spider So What?’

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7. Jaryu Tensei

A salesman dies in a car crash. It was caused by a couple making out. He reincarnates in another fantasy world as a dragon. He is fierce and powerful. Morever, he starts living with slimes. However, he is hunted down by various adventurers, ther terrifying creatures and people sent by the demon lord. The slimes are destroyed one day and the dragon loses his temper. One such adventurer who fights the dragon time to time is Kuroe. She keeps fighting the dragon to affirm her worthiness. After the dragon defeats her one more time, Kuroe gets overwhelmed and rants. Sharing a bond, they both head to the city. In their journey, the have various funny and challenging encounters.

Jaryu Tensei
Jaryu Tensei

The two protagonists die in the real world and reincarnate as an animal. They wake up in a world they are unfamiliar with. Both protagonists have a funny side to their personality. They both develop strong affection for their comrades in the fantasy world. Additionally, they both have a strong conscience and are equally kind to people around them. These grounds justify this manga being a lot like So I’m A Spider So What?’.

8. In Another World I’m Called The Black Healer

This Manga is like So I’m A Spider So What?’ on the basis of a variety of things. The protagonist, Kanzaki Misuzu is walking home at night. Some strange pair of black hands appear and pull her into a fictional world. She wakes up in a field and figures that she is in a role playing game. There are bars depicting her health and mana. The good thing is she has high amounts of mana. She struggles being alone. She is equipped with the ability to heal which she learns to make proper use of after she meets some knights. Kanzaki can figure out and treat illness. On top of that, she gets dreams about a man. Making her name as the black healer, Kanzaki sets on a quest to find  her way back home.

In ANother world im called the black healer
In another world i’m called the black healer

The two plotlines have alot of similarities as depicted. The protagonists, when they set a foot in the fictional world are scared at first. However, they get accustomed to their new bodies overtime. While So I’m A Spider So What?’ functions on a role playing game like setting, this manga is completely based on it. The two protagonists also embark the journey to make a name for themselves. This obviously makes this manga look like So I’m A Spider So What?’

9. Bofuri: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense

This manga is a lot like So I’m A Spider So What?’. The protagonist, Kaede Honjo starts playing an online role-playing game. She wants to be a pacifist and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. So, she maximizes her defenses and opts to be a shield user. She has no magic and low foot speed. However, she is able to take the attacks and beat the opponents. Her creative thinking accompanied with her strong character build makes her become one of the strongest players in the game.

Bofuri I don't want to get hurt so i'll max out the defense

Kaede undergoes the same stress and Kumoko when she steps into the virtual world. Both the protagonists are kind but in order to survive, they make the best of their abilities. Additionally, both encounter some strong opponents but end up completing their missions anyway. These key features make this manga’s story like So I’m A Spider So What?’ in bits and pieces.

10. Arachnid

Again, its plot includes spiders. This is another manga like So I’m A Spider So What?’. Alice, the protagonist is a senior high school student.She is not able to do anything properly because of her disorder. It is called Congenital Excessive Concentration. Her mother committed suicide. So, she is raised by her uncle. Her uncle is abusive and torments her. One day, an assassin, Kumo kills her uncle and takes her in. His assassin codename is Arachnid. Initially, he was on a mission to kill both Alice and her uncle. He spares alice after finding about her ability. Apparently, alice is generally nice and calm but she gets into survival mode when someone attacks her.


Her senses are heightened and her reflexes become stronger. Kumo takes her in and trains her. He teaches her how to use Kumoito, the spider’s thread. What makes the story of this manga like ‘So I’m A Spider So What?’ is they feature spiders. Additionally, both the protagonists are generally calm and kind. However, they have driven their survival skills. This Manga, like ‘So I’m A Spider, So What’will keep you hooked till the end.

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