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Temptation of Shiro Gal & Kuro Gal Chapter 31: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Temptation of Shiro Gal And Kuro Gal release date
Temptation of Shiro Gal And Kuro Gal

Love triangles are hard to be in. It’s sad when you love someone, they do not reciprocate your feelings but instead prefer someone else. However, it’s only a manga that can turn such a theme into something light-hearted and comedic. Love is a beautiful feeling and a great topic to read on. 

But love triangles may not always end how we want them to end, as they may leave one person feeling dejected. Or it may all work out with everybody getting somebody. You never know. Temptation of Shiro Gal and Kuro Gal is unique because it deals with girls‘ love, even with a boy involved.

Here’s a short synopsis to give you a general idea. As you may have already guessed, the story deals with a little love triangle between two girls, Rei and Natsuyu, and a boy named Otaku kun. The three of them are in high school and are close friends as well.

But as we read on, we come to realize that Natsuyu has deep feelings for her friend Rei while Rei is interested in the impassive Otaku kun.  The two girls try to make things interesting in Otaku kun’s life, but he just wants to be left in peace. However, he does notice some things that Rei doesn’t notice, like the feelings Natsuyu has for her.

Temptation of Shiro Gal And Kuro Gal

Temptation of Shiro Gal And Kuro Gal

The three friends hang out with each other every chance they get. Especially Natsuyu, who likes to stick close to Rei at all times. Natsuyu’s biggest fear is Rei leaving her for Otaku kun but though Rei has feelings for him she always comes back to Natsuyu and Otaku kun helps with that too.

In this funny story, Natsuyu is Kuro Gal and Rei is Shiro Gal and the two of them pour unwanted attention on Otaku kun teasing him at all times but little does Rei know about Natsuyu’s feelings for her. How will she react when she finds out the truth?

Temptation of Shiro Gal & Kuro Gal Chapter 30 Recap

The title of chapter 30 is “By Chance”. The three friends are in class and they are busy talking about who to choose to join their group for the trip. Rei asks Otaku kun to join their group and wants to know if Natsuyu is okay with the usual gang being in the group.

Natsuyu was fine with everything as long as she and Rei were together. But she did not say this out loud. Suddenly, Mona joins them and orders Natsuyu to sit properly and that her skirt was too short. Natsuyu asks her to give her a break as they have been friends since middle school.

But Mona said that she would not permit it as she was a member of the student council. Then, after hesitating a bit, she asked Natsuyu to join her group as they were short of one girl member. But her real intention was to invite Natsuyu so that Rei and Otaku kun could be alone with each other.

To stop the friendship from getting in the way of their romance, she wanted Natsuyu to join her. But to everyone’s intense surprise, especially Natsuyu’s, Rei grabbed her friend and said quite passionately that Natsuyu was hers. Otaku kun guessed that groups will be decided by drawing lots since this was the case.

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Temptation of Shiro Gal & Kuro Gal Chapter 31 Release Date

For everyone who has been waiting to read the next chapter, the release date is out. Temptation of Shiro Gal and Kuro Gal chapter 31 release date is on 22 January 2022.

Where To Read Temptation Of Shiro Gal And Kuro Gal Chapter 31?

This manga can be read for free on social media, namely Twitter. Simply follow the manga through Twitter, and you can read the latest chapters there. You can also read this manga on other websites that are free, but they are usually not legal sites.

The spoilers of this chapter have not been made available yet as of this writing. This manga is for everybody who enjoys a bit of comedy alongside a romance read and of course, for those interested in love between girls. But it is an enjoyable experience for all and not limited to any one group of people.

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