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One Piece Anime Revisits Wano Country Before It Was Destroyed

Wano Country Flower Capital
Wano Country Flower Capital

All One Piece anime fans now know about the land of Wano and its strict laws. Wano is now a territory under Kaidou of the Beast Pirates. It is now a destroyed wasteland with only the Flower capital flourishing. The remaining parts of Wano are marked by starvation and contaminated natural water sources. The citizens live in leftover towns where Orochi feeds them defective smile devil fruits to control them easier. Wano has now become one of the cruelest kingdoms for the average citizen to live. 

It explains why Kinemon and his group sailed to find help, and they came across the straw hats. If you are an anime-only fan, you are likely way behind in wano. And you have not seen much of its history. The anime has just entered act two of the wano arc and will now slow down to tell what happened to wano. Even those who follow both anime and manga will find this interesting as now they will see how Wano was like in full. 

The manga has already shown most parts of this, so that the anime will be adapting manga chapter by chapter. And unlike the manga, the anime is more interactive. Oden appeared for the first time in full in One Piece Episode 960. We can now see the kind of person he was; he has great raw strength and could single-handedly defeat Yakuza gangs. So he appeared undefeated, and now the anime will show how his life went up until his execution by Kaidou 20 years ago.

One Piece Episode 961 will continue with Oden’s story over the weekend. It started when Oden was a teenager. And explained everything that happened until his teen years. Oden tried to escape wano several times but failed.

Wano’s Past: Kozuki Oden Appears in One Piece Anime

One Piece Episode 960

Kozuki Oden

Oden appeared in the anime, and for full detail, on the episode, he appeared on, you can look at the One Piece episode 960 review. The last episode has shown Wano’s past in detail; we now know that Pirate territories mark the New World in One Piece. Places like Totto Land, Dressrossa, and now it’s Wano. All these places are marked by overlords who rule with fear. And an average citizen has to live a miserable life because of it. 

This is one thing that gets Luffy so angry, Although, in Wano’s case, Kinemon and Momonosuke asked him to help them. Like how most of the arcs went, the anime will first take a look at the past of wano at its peak times. Wano was under the leadership of several daimyos and shogun, and everyone lived in peace. But wano, as we know it today, is a wasteland with only a few areas flourishing. 

Citizens are now slaves in different prisons, and they are now slaves in Kaidou’s weapon production. Most of the wastelands are factories, and the air quality and water are mostly contaminated. But now, the anime will go through the past, and Oden has already made his appearance. We also saw the likes of Kinemon and Denjiro during their youth days. The environment was so good, and cities were filled with joyful citizens. 

Hyogoro, who is now a frail older man, appeared during his youth days as a gang leader. He was as big as Ashura Doji, but he spent the last 20 years in prison with an unhealthy diet. He has turned into what we know him today.

Kinemon, Denjiro, and Oden’s Akazaya

Denjiro, Kinemon Akazaya

Denjiro, Kinemon Akazaya

Kinemon was a thief in the city and what was surprising about him was his blonde hair. He now has dark black hair in the current timeline. But the anime is yet to reveal what happened to his hair. But more importantly, the anime has just shown us how he met Kozuki Oden. Oden was feared all over by everyone, and when Kinemon unknowingly stole the mountain god’s piglet. The mountain god ended up following the piglet to the city, destroying all in its part.

Kinemon also met Denjiro in this encounter, but when Oden saw them, he asked them to give him the mountain god piglet. So now Oden intends to fight the mountain god that is said to be undefeated. This is how Kinemon and Oden’s relationship started. So together with Denjiro, Kinenemon is one of the first Akazaya members. The upcoming episode of the anime will now show us the fight between Oden and the mountain god.

For more updates on the anime, you can read our weekly anime news updates and weekly manga highlights for all anime episodes and manga chapters releasing this week. As usual new episodes are available for streaming online on Crunchyroll as soon as they broadcast.

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