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Omer Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Omer Episode 3 preview
Omer Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

Omer episode 3’s release date is here. Fans worldwide are eager to learn everything they can about the newest addition to their Turkish drama watchlist. We will be rescuing Omer episode 3’s release date and survival guide, as well as the epilogue from Omer episode 3. We will recap the show’s latest episode for those who missed the same for some reason, don’t worry.

We have got your back. In the mosque wherein his father, Reşat, serves as the imam, Omer Ademolu serves as a muezzin. Omer, who recently lost his parents, continued to reside with his dad, Reşat, and grandma, Nezahat while carrying the sorrow of this grief in his heart. Of his three siblings, he is the smallest.

Omer Episode 3 preview

Omer with his dad.

 Omer was severely saddened by the fact that his elder sister, Nisa, whom he only learned about halfway through, wed his father and brother, Tahir, causing the family to split apart in a way that Omer did not want.

Omer finds a method to rebuild his heart, which has been harmed by the resentment, inconsistencies, and tragedies he has endured in his clan, to whom he has a strong attachment. Despite his passion for painting since he was a child and despite the challenges posed by his family, he continues to draw.

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Recap of episode 2 of Omer

His only love, however, will not be art; rather, he will one day find love with Gamze, an elderly widow with kids. They will find love but face numerous challenges in maintaining their relationship. Omer struggles with his developing affection for Omerze even while attempting to adhere to his family’s instructions after being surprised by the sudden slap he received.

Nisa is coping with unpleasant information while trying to keep her children together and not tell anyone anything. This is the largest barrier to honoring his mother’s pledge. Reşat intends to introduce Omer to one good new wife after another while working nonstop to keep him out of this dangerous relationship.

But he is mindful of the challenging days he has ahead of him. Reşat intends to bring Omer to a decent bride-to-be while working relentlessly to keep him out of this risky connection.

Omer Episode 3 preview

A still from Omer’s episode 2.

Despite all this, Omer & Gamze manage to look one another in the eyes without realizing that they are about to get a tremendous surprise.

What to expect from episode 3 of Omer?

When Omar is infatuated with Gamze, a relationship his traditional dad will never condone, his world is turned upside down. Following her divorce, she is a middle-aged lady who relocates to her former neighborhood.

She struggles to rebuild her back to a single mom but unexpectedly finds solace in Omer’s affection. However, Omer and Gamze’s romance turns out to be impractical because he is the town’s imam’s son.

Omer Episode 3: Who will feature in it?

Selahattin Pasali will play the role of Omer

At the age of 15, Selahattin Paşal entered Darüşşafaka Sports Club and held the position of club captain. In Hungary, he continued his schooling by studying art administration. He later received acting instruction in Craft Atölye.

Omer Episode 3 preview


In 2017 he made his debut appearance with the Kalp Atş episode of Show TV. He was hired for the TV show Bir Umut Yeter the next year. He appeared in the 2019 Kanal D series Leke.

Gökçe Bahadir will play the character of Gamze

The roles of Leyla Tekin in Yaprak Dökümü and Yeliz in the popular youth series Hayat Bilgisi are where Gökçe Bahadur is most known. In addition to Kay Ahir,  Armada Kalsn, and Dedemin Nsanlar, she has acted in several other television programs. She played the title role in the Turkish television adaption of the British television series The Split, Evlilik Hakknda Her ey.

Omer Episode 3 preview


Baris Falay will play the role of Resat

By Barş Falay He joined the Zamir City Theatre after spending two years working at the Ankara State Theatre, where he performed in plays like Hamlet, Misafir, Roberto Zucco, Krmz Yorgunlar, Yaşar Ne Yaşar Ne Yaşamaz, and Karar Kimin. He taught at the theater’s school and produced the works Deniz Kz Masal and Bir Yaz Gecesi Rüyas. The Kocaeli Metro Theater later welcomed Fellay.

Omer Episode 3 preview


Omer Episode 3 Release Date

Omer episode 3 Release Date is January 23, 2023, at around 8 pm in Turkey on Star TV. Fans from other nations must wait for some time to stream the show.

Omer Episode 3: Where To Watch

As mentioned above, fans from other nations have to wait to stream Omer episodes in their regions as the show is unavailable via international streaming services. We hope the story gets told worldwide through the streaming platform and the makers make a deal with a good streaming platform to reach the fans.

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