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Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54
CC: Bocchi the Rock! Franchise

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54 will be back with another comedic episode as Bocchi gets more self-worth as a musician. The manga has gone on a rollercoaster of a ride as Kesoku Band has gone on many events from where the anime left. For one, they have got themselves to deal with a local studio that helps them grow as a band.

This deal was the result of their failure to make themselves known after failing at an indie event. This was the first time the band had a sad moment, and we even saw Bocchi cry. She can indeed be cringy, but the girl is down to earth and is pure in emotion. So when she started crying, the rest of the band followed.

But that is in the past now. The girls have moved up a grade, with Ryo and Nijika being in their final year of school. Moreover, Bocchi finally got some junior due to her funky status in the school. Though she is not that excited to have them, Ryo gets wrapped up in their mischiefs as well.

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54

CC: Bocchi the Rock! Franchise

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 53 Recap

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 53 had Hitori feeling nervous as no one in the class had talked to her and Kita after the fest was over. Her imagination started to run wild, and she made all sorts of scenarios in her head. And the best explanation she came up with was that she was due an arrest for failing at the fest along with the band.

Kita and Hitori were invited to a Karaoke cafe after school next to a law firm. Hitori thought they were being called there, but Kita told her it was the place adjacent to it. Kita had a hunch that they were being given a congratulatory party for being at the fest.

And Kita was right, but Hitori was caught up in surprise. Hitori then apologized to everyone for taking it the wrong way in her mind. They then celebrated with singing and food. And one of them even asked for Hitori to perform a guitar performance while Kita sang. Our Bocchi still hasn’t gotten used to the crowd, but she tried to do her best.

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Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54 Spoilers

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54 will see the girls help their new Kouhai help pick up her guitar. Hitori, Ryo, Nijika, and Nene (one of the new Kouhai) help her buy a guitar. Her extroverted was like Kryptonite to Hitori and Ryo. Who couldn’t take it any longer and disappeared from the scene without anyone noticing?

Before Nijika came to notice their disappearance, they were already out of the music store. Luckily for Nene, Kita had joined them in her search for a guitar, though Kita would do some shopping of her own. Nijika was a little against the idea in the beginning because she would feel the usual isolation of being the drummer. She didn’t have to worry this time.

They got her a guitar, and Nene was one step closer to starting her band, but her journey will be a different thing entirely. As there is not a single person for her to ask to join her band yet, that development will be done in due time. 

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54

CC: Bocchi the Rock! Franchise

What is the release date for ‘Bocchi the Rock!? Chapter 54’?

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54 will come out on March 23 and 24, 2023, for the following regions.

  • Pacific Daylight Time [West Coast]: 7:00 AM PDT (March 23, 2023)
  • Central Daylight Time [Central American and Canada]: 9:00 AM CDT (March 23, 2023)
  • Eastern Daylight Time [East Coast]: 10:00 AM EDT (March 23, 2023)
  • Greenwich Meditarian Time [Britain]: 5:00 PM BST (March 23, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time [India]: 8.30 PM IST (March 23, 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time [Singapore]: 11:00 PM SGT  (March 23, 2023) 
  • Philippines Standard Time [Philippines]: 11:00 PM PST (March 23, 2023)
  • Korean Standard Time [Korea]: Midnight KST (March 24, 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time [Korea]: Midnight JST (March 24, 2023) 
  • Australia Eastern Daylight Time [Australia]: 02:00 AM AEDT (March 24, 2023)

Where to read Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54?

Bocchi the Rock! Chapter 54 will be available to read on Comic Fuz. For a series similar to this, read A Couple Of Cuckoos or Maou Gakuen No Hangyakusha.

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