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Top 15 Facts For Every ‘Last Of Us’ Fan To Know

Facts For Every 'Last Of Us' Fan
Top 15 secret facts about Last Of Us

Naughty Dog would have never imagined that “Last Of Us’ ‘ would be so successful that even after its five years of release, it still has the potential to stay at the top charts. If you have played this game once, you will surely appreciate its development as the graphics are realistic and what makes it more interesting is its concept of teaching gamers what is good and what is bad with amazing emotions.  

If you love Last Of Us, then you will love this article as we will be talking about the Top 15 secret facts about Last Of Us. Nothing to wait for; let’s start the ride to one of the best games ever made in history.

We would like all the readers to understand the story of the game as it will make the facts associated with the game engaging. The game starts with a post-catastrophic incident where more than 60% of the world’s total population is wiped out with the Cordyceps Fungus, which turns people into dead zombies. There is no army, no government, no countries, no borders, and the entire world is a single region where uninfected humans are residing under smaller societies to protect the human race from eradication.

Last Of Us Scene From The Woods

Ellie From Last Of Us

In the meantime, the first character, or probably the leading character of the game, Joel, comes out in a heart-breaking scene where he lost his teen-aged daughter Sarah before the wide-spread disease. Joel lives with his new girlfriend Tess and smuggles essential goods from the Boston quarantine sector. He later meets a teen-aged girl Ellie who is naturally immune to the fungus as she is not infected despite being so close to the infected person. They somehow manage to meet a woman named Marlene, who is up in the higher authorities and decides to send fire-flies to bring Ellie across the nation so that the medical scientists can research her to find a cure.

We are moving to one of the game’s best parts, which made it so interesting. The game outperformed its competitors in every aspect, from graphics to high-definition audio. We can also see how nature has invaded into man-made cities, which have now turned into dangerous hotspots. Somehow Joel handover Ellie to the safe-hands of fire-flies to save humanity on earth. In the rest of the story, we can see that Joel grieves before Ellie and shares his sad history, while at the end, Ellie becomes like a step-daughter for Joel. Now that you are clear with the concept, let us move on with the facts about The Last of Us.


There is no doubt that the BBC documentary “Cordyceps Fungus” played a huge role in the development of the game. The creator of the game Neil Druckmann also stated that the idea about creating the game struck his mind in 2004 when he was graduating and had done an assignment about the game.


During the character decision of the show, creators and content creators planned to show Ellie as the original daughter of Joel. The team had to push her to step-daughter in the end to develop a fruitful relationship between the duo. If Sarah wasn’t present in the picture, the creators couldn’t have managed to show us some realistic incidents and emotions, which impressed us a lot. 


When players are approaching the near end of the game, Joel has to find Ellie in the firefly hospital to save her life, and while he is on his way, he sees an eye chart in the hospital. If we clearly observe the eye chart, then we can see that it shows “Run You Are Nearly There Don’t Quit”  the game wants the players to understand that they are almost there with no way back, and the character has to save the life of Ellie. It is also one of the ways where the game can instill hope among the players.


If you are really a sharp gamer, you must feel something fishy with the game’s opening and ending scenes. If you felt this, then you can reward yourself 10/10 at analytical skills as you are a genius in understanding scenarios. The opening and ending of the game were actually proposed to be the same because Neil Druckmann wanted things to be the same where in the first scene, Joel carries Sarah in his hands and is fleeing with her while in the end, he has Ellie in his hands and in both the scenes his intention is same to save his daughter. 


If you have played the full game, then you might have come across a billboard in Pittsburgh which showcased real telephone numbers 800-555-2545 and 800-55-6784. According to Neil Druckmann, the telephone numbers were mistakenly added to the billboard, which was later removed in the version 1.02 update of the game. If you don’t believe us, you can call this number.  


Tess played a huge supporting role in The Last Of Us, but she was originally planned to be on the wrong side of the story. In the game, we see that Tess sacrifices her own life to save the life of Ellie and Joel. In the game’s original plot, Tess had been cheated by Joel before the apocalypse, and she is pointed as the antagonist in the game. Later, Ellie kills Tess to save the life of Joel. The developers didn’t want the story to feel like a typical Hollywood thriller, so they had to shift plans and give Tess a kind-hearted role in the game. 

Last Of Us Image


Pittsburg had already become in the spotlight of yet another incident that has taken over the gaming world. We all know that Naughty dog loves to bring new controversies with its newspapers inside the game. Although we can see a lot of newspapers lying on the ground in a hotel in Pittsburg, one of them caught fire. One such headline showcased that Justin Bieber was in as Drake in a new Lush movie. Why is Justin Bieber acting, and if you are also thinking the same question, then we would never get the answer as it is just a small mistake committed by the developers.

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If you are a fan of the game, then you must have witnessed Ellie picking up items like an adult magazine of Bill and a toy for Sam, which he is not supposed to touch. Although it is quite difficult to see Ellie taking such things, if you are an interesting gamer, then you can quickly change the cameras to find Ellie stealing things. If we observe AI (Artificial Intelligence) programming in such small incidents, then we can understand how much the developers have worked hard to make the game interesting.


If you have no idea about the music composer, then it was Gustavo Santaolalla who composed the music for the game. The music composer had to work on music that must be spooky and dangerous to match the game’s theme. Gustavo later planned to use a detuned guitar inside a bathroom along with musical instruments in which he lacked experience, and guess what, the plan turned out to be successful. Santaolalla really impressed all the fans with his out-of-the-box music techniques.


The house in Last Of Us mentioned as Clementine’s house has a swimming pool and a large tree in the backyard. The house is quite similar to Telltale’s Walking Dead. Some fans do agree with the statement while others don’t, but this is not the paramount concern as we are happy as a rich zombie game is tracing its roots from another game of its quality.


One of the greatest highlights of the game is that Naughty Dog has used the right combinations to provide a realistic post-catastrophic environment. Let us take the Pittsburg flooded region where Naughty Dog used the New Orleans image captured by Robert Polidori. 


Well, a lot of gamers believe that the Cordyceps fungus outbreak had occurred in the past, where it cleared the human population, but this is not true. The cordyceps fungus only affects insects where it takes control of their brain before damaging their body parts. Neil Druckmann just used past incidents like Spanish flu from the 19th century and plague from the 18th century to showcase his vision. 


There is no doubt that the Giraffe scene from the Last Of Us is one of the game’s best scenes. Originally, Naughty Dog had planned to include Zebra instead of Giraffe, but they later shifted their plans owing to the beauty and majesty which Giraffe added to the table. 

Facts For Every'Last Of Us' Fan

The Last of Us Giraffe Scene Ellie


Naughty Dog had first planned to add infected animals into the game, which would make it even more difficult for the gamers. The game developers possibly had the intention of adding an infected elephant into the picture, but they later had to drop this plan due to some reason. 


At the start of the game, you might come across a character named Robert who double-crosses you,which leads to the amazing adventure of Ellie and Joel. Robert is a resident of area 5, where you have to visit and catch him for the truth. Area 5 has some containers that are marked with the symbol of the brand, which made the documentary and behind-the-scenes of Last Of Us. 

Apart from the facts mentioned above, we would also like to appreciate Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker’s brilliance for their impeccable work with the voice creating a real relationship. Neil Druckmann, who was also the sole writer on board, did a great job with narration in the creation. The game created its rich presence in the industry, and all the fans are eager to see the release of The Last Of Us 2.

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